No heartbeat at 6wks 3days

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Positive2 Posts: 216
Hi all again. As some of you might have read I had a scan last week when I thought I was 8wks 1day but was heartbroken when they said that it was only showing a sac with dates of 5wks 2day and nothing inside.They told me to come in as it wasnt looking good and to be prepared for d&c.Well I went in and they couldnt see anything on ultrasound but did internal scan and seen baba and yolk sac.Said that it was measuring 6wks 3days which was progressing from last week but they said no heartbeat and this not positive sign.I have to go back in 1wk and they said if no heartbeat then pregnany is not continuing. As for my dates which I was convinced I was 8wks last week, I calculated them up my lmp was 21st march which going by this was correct but I was thinking I ovulated around 12th april which would have been 6wks 3days yesterday which could be exactly as they said.This is all positive as baba has grown and doctor said as there is yolk sac it is positive. But then said as there is no heartbeat it is worrying.I asked was this normal,he said that we should see the heartbeat but for size of baby there is hope.I do feel very positive but then when I think no heartbeat I get downhearted again.Anyone heard this before or am I hoping against hope.I feel like I have been pregnant for ages. :duh:
OAT Posts: 2207
Hi I'm sorry I don't have an answer for you just wanted to reply as my best friend is going through a very similiar situation at the minute :o( I have my fingers firmly crossed for both of you :xox :xox
gettingstarted Posts: 157
Hey Sagalle I dont know if i am much help but i got scanned at 6w 3d and they could see the sac but that was all, no sign of heartbeat but when i went back 2 weeks later there was the heartbeat bopping away so try stay positive.
Duffers Posts: 1841
I was scanned at the 6ish weeks too, by my GP. No heartbeat but when I went back about 12 days later we saw the heartbeat after alot of searching! Try stay positive...for the little baby growing in your belly :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
MrsDr Posts: 1316
After some bleeding I got scanned at 6 weeks and they only saw the sca, no babs. Was devastated but went back around 8 weeks and baby and heartbeat :lvs could be seen. Stay positive and let us know how you get on :thnk
baba2010 Posts: 247
I went for a scan at 7 weeks and like you there was a sac but no heartbeat - I would have been completely panicked by this except the lady who scanned me said that it was normal. She said sometimes you would see a heart beat but that it was totally normal not to. My DS is now a happy healthy 9 month old! Please stay positive. Praying you see a strong heart beat very soon!!!
Positive2 Posts: 216
Just to say thanks all for your positive replies, they are keeping me very positive.At min I feel myself I actually look pregnant.So hopefully my dates were all wrong at beginning and everything is going to work out. I have myself convinced this is going to work out and I will hear heartbeat on friday.Please God or I will be heartbroken. Thanks again. :thnk O:o)
littlemama Posts: 471
just want to say best of luck and i really hope you'll get to see that little heartbeat on the screen soon.
fizzy bubbles Posts: 339
Sagaale, I have been thinking of you. BEst of luck, please god it is just still too early for a heart beat
BusyDee Posts: 8527
Im really surprised that they told you the heart should be beating - It usually doesnt start beating until 7-8 weeks - I had a scan at 8 weeks and even when I was booking it the girl couldnt stress enough that not to be too disappointed if I dont hear the heartbeat, on the day the guy doing the ultrasound said the same thing but thankfully we heard the heartbeat. I wouldnt worry just yet :thnk