No heartbeat?

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joer Posts: 1617
girls, I'm worried about my friend. She isnt sure how long she is pregnant, maybe about 3 months or so cause she has a little bump and had a check up yesterday, the nurse felt her tummy and told her she couldnt find the babys heart beat.. and that was it, no explanations offered. as you can imagine, my friend is worried, I told her to ring them straigth away today and see if they can see her again, preferably a different nurse, she is due her first scan next week. can the nurse feel or not feel a heartbeat with her hands?????
Sphynx Posts: 6795
God I wouldn't have thought that would be possible. No one ever tried to detect a heartbeat with their hands on either of my previous pregnancies. Was she not using an Doppler? This can pick up a heartbeat at around 12 weeks but my doctor told me before he wouldn't use it on me until I was about 16 weeks as it can be unreliable until then if the baby is moving around a lot or depending on where the placenta is lying. The best way to check the heartbeat is on an ultrasound scan. Tell your friend to try not to worry and to arrange to have a scan at the hospital as soon as she can. If she has no idea how many weeks pregnant she is, then it's pretty important to get a dating scan done anyway. If she is freaking out tell her to ask her GP to try with a Doppler (not a stethoscope!) and if he can't find a heartbeat to sort out a scan for her if he can to set her mind at east. God love her. Why are so many medical professional so bloody unprofessional? O:|
joer Posts: 1617
thanks, she's not freaking out as such, but very worried and is only youngish, well 23 so not really sure what to be expecting. I was so annoyed when I heard the nurse didnt offer any explanation to her at all, surely she shouldnt drop a bombshell like that and not help in anyway to try offer suggestions or clarifications. I think she was going straight to her GP this morning so pease God, he will put her at ease. I thought that maybe the baby was lying in such a position that the heartbeat couldnt really be felt, I'll ring her this afo and see how she is, I dont want to be hounding her. thanks again.
Hot Mama Posts: 206
oh my god that is crazy - there is no way you could detect a heartbeat with your hands !!!! Please tell your friend not to worry
Forgottenpassword Posts: 1078
There is no way to feel a heartbeat with your hands. Are you sure she did not try to use a doppler? FP
joer Posts: 1617
wouldnt have a clue to be honest, thats just what she said to me, I asked her did she not use a stethescope and she said, no just her hands...
joer Posts: 1617
thanks for all your replies girls, I just spoke to her there and she's out of the doctors, he used a machine (presume it's a doppler??) and found the heartbeat, so she's delighted, me the big tick started tearing up on the phone to her with relief!! thanks again.. cant wait till I'm posting here myself some day :thnk
Mammyof2Princesses Posts: 3745
:eek :eek never heard of being able to get a heartbeat with your hands?!?!?!? :eek tell your friend not to worry!! *)