No La Sposa at RK Bridal???

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BridalPanic Posts: 33
Help please..........!! I've read lots of posts from brides who've bought their dresses online at RK Bridal in NY. I've chosen the dress, tried it on want to buy and can save $$$$$$ by ordering at RK Bridal. Just rang them and they told me they don't stock La Sposa?? Can anyone help - is this a recent change? I will ring them again (tomorrow because I don't want to be too rude to the sales girl who answered, I did grill her a bit), and they have a link to La Sposa on their website as well as La Sposa sizing charts and order form. Really don't want to fork out full whack on this dress but can't change my mind now. Love the dress and can't face doing the rounds again. :cry:
Mrs Decemberbride Posts: 4337
was sure i saw it there too. thats very odd have u tried the other online sites like bridesales???? do try them again and see if it wasnt an idiot call person. good luck
phoenix8 Posts: 35
Try contacting the Pronovias Fashion Group in Barcelona, Tel. 00-34-934-799700 (La Sposa & San Patrick are part of the Pronovias Fashion Group so they should be able to tell you whether RK Bridal is an approved stockist of the La Sposa range); I contacted Pronovias recently & received confirmation of RK Bridal being an approved stockist of the San Patrick collection… I order my San Patrick dress from RK Bridal earlier this week & given that there is no order form & size chart specific to San Patrick on the RK Bridal website, I was told to complete the order form & size chart for La Sposa as San Patrick & La Sposa are part of the same group…Try calling RK Bridal again as I suspect the sales person you dealt with was a bit of an idiot… Best of luck & let us know how you get on. Phoenix
sue06 Posts: 206
oh my god! I ordered my La Sposa dress with them in January. I rang them on Wednesday to see what the story was with it and they said there was a slight delay on the order. Might ring them again this evening.
sue06 Posts: 206
Just had another look on the La Sposa website and RK Bridal are down as a stockist.
BridalPanic Posts: 33
Thanks guys feel better now and I know that RK are definitely a stockist for La Sposa coz OMG listen to this. I had my sister, AKA CBM, phone RK Bridal last night and put on an English accent (only one she could do!) and ask for a price on a different style La Sposa dress (so as not to arouse suspicion you understand :) ). Firstly she was told straight off that they don't stock La Sposa but she told the lady that she was recommended to them by a friend who had recently purchased a La Sposa dress. The lady then asked her where she was calling from, my sister said Bristol in England - lady gave her a price!!!!???? What in heavens is going on? I do remember when I called them I firstly questioned them about delivery dates and shipping costs etc. - so she knew where I was from before I asked for a La Sposa dress. OK so perhaps I am being paranoid, maybe but doesn't instill confidence exactly does it?? Anyone feel like calling them to see - tell them you're from Ireland first then ask for a La Sposa dress and please come back and tell me that I'm mad! Maybe they didn't like the sound of my voice.... Going to try again later, as in just fax over my order with approx pricing and see what happens. Ho hum as if there wasn't enough to worry about!!! :wink: Thanks again. ENJOY THE BANK HOLIDAY WEEKEND!
excited 2006 Posts: 153
Hi there. Not sure what to tell you but i received my La Sposa from RK bridal last week - no problems. Perhaps it is a mix up of some sort.
BridalPanic Posts: 33
Hi there, Just for future reference and for brides that may consider purchasing at RK Bridal - don't hesitate on account of my earlier posts. I did indeed fax my orders directly to RK Bridal and gave them a call. Talked to a fellow called Reid/Reed (haven't a clue how to spell it) who is a lovely man and confirmed receipt of my orders and told me not to worry, they had it all in hand and would keep me updated. TIP: Call RK Bridal outside of shop hours. I think they open at 10am eastern time. I rang at about 1pm our time and got to speak with Reid/Reed. SO VERY EXCITED NOW!!!!
SummerDays Posts: 665
Just wanted to re-iterate, I received from dress from RKBridal this week. A Maggie Sottero rather than a La Sposa but it was perfect. A very high recommendation for them, perfect from ordering to delivery! Ive now waiting for my bridesmaid dresses, expected in June, can't wait!
Mrs Decemberbride Posts: 4337
Excellent news, good to know its all worked out. Keep us posted on what happens with your order!