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Spoon Posts: 207
well girls being three days late on sat i thought this might be my lucky month, however on sat evening af arrived, although it is extremely light cant stress enough how light it is... do u think i could be preg r not?????? :(
Hepburn Posts: 4081
Found this on a pregnancy site....hope it helps: Can you be pregnant and still have a period? To start with, always remember that pregnancy and periods can never go along simultaneously. If you are indeed pregnant, technically, you cannot get your periods. Missing your period is actually the first sign of pregnancy. Bleeding in early pregnancy is a common occurrence, but this does not signal a true menstrual cycle. You must realize that the hormones that are active during pregnancy totally prevent ovulation. As we know, ovulation is the time in your cycle when the egg is released into the uterus and women experience menstrual bleeding. Since the egg in pregnant women is already fertilized, ovulation does not occur and hence no bleeding. Early Pregnancy Bleeding However, it is not uncommon to find that many women do report getting what seem like regular periods during early pregnancy. The bleeding that pregnant women complain about though is not truly a menstrual period. It can be called as early pregnancy bleeding. The perception of having a menstrual period (or more than one) in early pregnancy can confuse the due date and delay some pregnant women from seeking appropriate and timely medical care. In instances where a couple is unaware that they are expecting, it can be particularly emotionally challenging to find out about the pregnancy at the same time they are told that the bleeding might signal a problem. It can be hard to calculate your date of delivery when you aren't sure which period was the true last menses. A number of timing issues can help provide a ballpark estimate of when conception took place. Pay attention to these dates for help - when did you have unprotected intercourse, when did the pregnancy test turned positive (especially if there were some negative results before the positive one), and when you first noticed symptoms of pregnancy (such as breast tenderness or nausea). An ultrasound is the best technique to determine the baby's due date if you are not sure about one or more of these dates. Identifying the due date is quite important in prenatal care, since some tests, like the triple check, are standardized by the exact number of weeks of gestation. In addition, most couples as well as their practitioner want to have some idea of when to expect the baby. Here are some explanations for what may seem like regular menstrual flow when you are pregnant. Implantation bleeding Many mothers-to-be get a few days of bleeding right around the time that the early embryo is implanting into the wall of the uterus. Generally, this occurs five days after conception and may be confused with an early period. This implantation bleeding is normal and is not a sign of any problem with the pregnancy. If you have irregular periods or have not kept track of your cycles, you can easily confuse this bleeding with a menstrual period. If it is counted as a menstrual period, this can lead to a mistakenly later due date. In reality the last period from which the due date should be calculated would be the one prior to the implantation bleeding.
Mrs Peg Posts: 1778
Sorry Spoon :( The only was to tell is to take a test - if ur late, the pregnancy hormone should be strong enough to register. Some people do get light bleeding early on and confuse it with a period. I wouldn't get ur hopes up but if ur uncertain then do a test.
Spoon Posts: 207
Girls there is hardly any bleeding at all, when i say hardly i meadn nothing at all from last nite and this morning??? i am so so confused please help me ........... O:|
over the moon Posts: 676
Hi Spoon, The same thing happened me, I got what I thought was my period but was very light and then it disappeared, then on the following Monday did a pregnancy test and got a BFP. It could be whats called and implantation bleed that you got but to be sure one way or another I would do a test. I had done 2 tests and were negative and then after I had the implantation bleed I did a 3rd and that's when I finally got my BFP. Best of luck and loads of baby dust!! [url=][img:80l480e8][/img:80l480e8][/url:80l480e8]
Spoon Posts: 207
did u wait until after the bleeding to u done a test over the moon????
over the moon Posts: 676
No I had done two tests a couple of days before (first response) and they were negative so then when I got the bleeding I thought that was my period and gave up any hope of being pregnant but then the bleeding disappeared and to be honest I didnt feel right either so did a Clear Blue test the following Monday and that's when I got my BFP. It is quite common to get an implantation bleed, seemingly it's when the egg attaches itself to the lining of the uterus. Has you bleeding stopped? [url=][img:hfd7jygf][/img:hfd7jygf][/url:hfd7jygf]
Spoon Posts: 207
it has hardly even started, normally af would be heavy, there is very very little bleeding i have had none form late last nite, although i still have light cramps in my legs????
bellabella Posts: 2750
Spoon good luck pet
over the moon Posts: 676
Do a Clear Blue test, at least then one way or another you'll have your answer. Fingers crossed and tones of baby dust O:o) O:o) O:o) :D :D [url=][img:3ncucooj][/img:3ncucooj][/url:3ncucooj]