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madmam Posts: 1294
Hi Girls, Just back from my 28 week appointment at the hospital. Was all excited because I was full sure I would get another scan, but was told there was no need for another! Huff - had told baba he was gonna be on TV and everything! Is this standard practice? I had first scan at 18 weeks, and another one when I bled, at 22 weeks. I am in UCHG and going public.
Mama Dora Posts: 14987
I was told no more too when I had my 22wk scan unless I go overdue :o(
Tigletts Posts: 2904
Me too, one at 12 weeks another at 22 weeks, next it'll be baby for real :o)ll
Bumpalicious Posts: 512
shorty, The very same happened to me last friday week, there's a long post about it from me somewhere...I totally understand how you feel, it's very disappointing. I took solace in the fact that it was good news really as it meant that they are sure everything is fine...
charli Posts: 5994
yeah 28 is supposed to be the last one - i had about another 2/3 after all (awful i cant remember!!) because of high BP but to be honest you cant really see anything cos baby is so big - they kinda check at different angles whereas my 14 week scan you could see baby clearly top to toe! i wouldnt worry - when you get to that stage, they know nothing is wrong and the other checks they do are enough - like feeling fundas, hearbeat, kicks etc - any minor hiccups and they'll scan
Xmasbride Posts: 55
Ladies, I'm going private in Holles Street. I had a scan at 13 weeks & at my last visit was told I wouldn't have any more scans until just before my due date (Nov!!). My friend is also going private in HS under a different consultant & had a big scan at 22 weeks but it seems I won't be having that....I was a bit disappointed but he said unless it's medically required they don't do scans... But I'm wondering how do they know if everything is ok - I mean low lying placenta all that sort of stuff might only be visible from a scan... Anyone else had a similar experience in Holles Street ?
Sphynx Posts: 6795
Shorty I wouldn't have been getting scanned again after the 20-week scan except that my consultant is a sweetheart and knows how much I worry after the miscarriage last time and she asked me if I would like one more for reassurance so will be having one at 28 weeks. After that, that's it unless there is a problem or I go beyond the due date. Will be a long wait to see babs around 40 weeks :o( I'd say people whose docs have scanners in their rooms will get a few more previews.
Bumpalicious Posts: 512
Xmasbride, I am also private in Holles St and the exact same thing happened to me last week - see my post 'he didn't scan me' - I wonder if we have the same consultant? I had scan at 14 weeks and since then nothing (except one on Monday because I went in with a kidney infection, but thats exceptional circumstances)
Tedsters Posts: 1688
Hi there, just wondering why you were expecting scan? If your pregnancy is going well there is no need for any more scans. Scans are not good for babs unless really necessary especially the 3D/4D ones. At this stage however you should be feeling plenty of movement so that in itself is very reassuring as well as hearing the heartbeat on the Doppler during your visits. See item below pasted from the website regarding scans. [quote:10uqt7c7]How safe is it? Most experts consider ultrasound to be safe but this can never be proven. In the Coombe Women’s Hospital we limit the exposure of the baby to ultrasound energy to a level that is ‘As Low As Reasonably Achievable’ (ALARA) consistent with obtaining the information required by the doctor/midwife. For this reason scans are only performed when requested where the benefits clearly outweigh any possible adverse effect. Expert bodies and organisations that regulate and control Ultrasound staff state that ‘No known side effects have been reported under the current Food and Drug Administration (FDA) power output regulations in the USA, which date from 1976 to April 1999. Using the "ALARA" principle, the intensity output of the equipment is kept as low as will allow the most information to be gained (AIUM 1997)’. [/quote:10uqt7c7]
Bumpalicious Posts: 512
Tedsters, I had expected an anomaly scan at around 20/21 weeks as I know this is standard practice in some hospitals. I presumed that if such a thing was deemed necessary in one hospital it might be so across the board. Hope that answers your question..