no period-wtf????

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petitepois Posts: 169
hi all, im having a bit of a freak out all weekend- my period is a week late, i have done 3 preg tests and they were all neg but what the hell is going on? i am never late, certainly not a week and about a week and a half ago i had really bad lower back pain and strange 'heavy' kinda feeling in my pelvic area so alarm bells are kinda ringing. our wedding is booked for next april so timing would be awful- also due to change jobs in 8 weeks. not sure what im asking- reassurance that af will show up or has anyone has a few neg results only to show pos later on? sorry for the rant- ill prob go to doc if nothing happens this week :ooh
x_x Posts: 1823
I had this about a year ago. We weren't even engaged, we were living together etc but it would have been the worst possible timing as it sounds like it would be for you. I was on the pill...everything was grand that month - didn't miss pills, wasn't sick etc. But no period...panicked, did countless number of tests, at different times of the day etc - all neg. I ended up not going back on the pill after the 7 pill free days cos was so worked up over it. It arrived though...albeit 2 weeks late in the end - but it did arrive!