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CCAF Posts: 502
Hi Girls, Im 6 weeks pregnant and dont seem to have any pregnancy symptoms. I am feeling a bit tired and got a cold soar for the first time in my life but dont have ms or any other signs that im pregnant. Is this normal - im beginning to get worried. This is my first pregnancy so i might be a bit over the top with my concern :-8
keyra Posts: 801
Hi Pander, You are my pregnancy twin! I'm also 6 weeks + 2 days today, Just went to the doc for confirmation this morning. I'm not having much symptoms either, started to feel nauseous on sunday and it has been coming and going since then but no real sickness so i am wondering if i'm imagining it. Lots of girls have told me their m/s started during week 7. I know how worrying it is and the reassurance that some symptoms would bring, but i think it might just be a little bit early for us. I am getting period like cramps and a pulling sensation down low in my sides. Hope we both have a happy and healthy 8 months.
Maxi-Babe Posts: 327
Just to put your mind at rest.... not all women get symptoms of being pregnant. I had absolutely none, I never had a days sickness when pregnant and like you it did concern me, but it is perfectly fine to have no symptoms, I kept waiting for them to kick in, but they never did! I now have a lively handful of a 16 month old son, so please don't worry!
tilsun Posts: 4506
I'm six weeks and most days I feel nothing! Some days I am tired and have twinges around where I reckon uterus is. My friend is 13 weeks and still has had pretty much zero symptoms but had a perfect scan :o)ll