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Emme Posts: 4735
But is she happy!!! Ah fair dues to her but I'd do with the post birth figure thanks!
Mrs..D Posts: 1741
Pah - all airbrushed Yes I know, I'm just extremely bitter and jealous!
coconut Posts: 2183
she is defo airbrushed!!! Not that i am jealous or anything!
SGirl Posts: 2542
O:| Bl00dy "celebs" don't really help a womans plight do they? FFS, basically they are saying- have a baby and then spring back into your pre baby shape- no cellulie, no stretch marks, perky boobs.... they can FCK off!
oddwire Posts: 842
I've no doubt that she looks terrific but that is a [b:zhjnoxmb]heavily[/b:zhjnoxmb] airbrushed pic. "I still have loose skin on my tummy, bum and tops of legs..." - yeah, we can see that in the photo alright...
tinyfeet Posts: 3482
OMG, :eek She looks amazing. I do agree that the photo is probably seriously airbrushed but in fairness in her before photo she still looks fab as a huge pregnant woman!
micksmrs Posts: 931
Well I was her babyweight before I got pregnant so I am never going to look like that after this baby is born. :o0 :o0 :o0 And I thought being a size 12 that I wasn't fat. Oh well, when the baby comes I will just have to starve myself and run myself into the ground to lose the weight. Of course I will be missing the Personal Trainer and proabaly nanny on hand to take the baby when I need to be out doing all this exercise and preparing these gourment salad's I'll be eating.
missust Posts: 370
i HATE these magazines and the crap they write about losing pregnancy weight. as mentioned her pregnant weight is most peoples normal weight. but worst of all being skinny now makes her a better mum to her can she bloody say that????grrrrrrrrrrrrrr O:| O:| O:| these mags make money from look how fat x is, to x's new diet, x looks wonderful in her bikini, to x looking gaunt, x suffering with eating disorder, x piles on the pounds again sorry for rant but really annoyed by this crap