no rhythm, need to learn to dance!

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yankiecandle Posts: 2888
i have no rhythm, need to learn to dance! only dance when drunk, cant do that on big day! :o0 does anybody have any ideas tips how i can learn myself? maybe a dvd with some basics? (h2b is a great dancer) just wanna do something myself first & then we could do a class for the wedding when i have a bit more confidence. thanks!
hopeful13 Posts: 501
i'm the same - don't think i've ever danced without dutch courage ...... of course then it doesn't matter that i have two left feet :o0 H2B is as bad - think Chandler Bing in Friends. He's up for getting lessons but i'm worried cos i don't think they can teach you rhythm!
Kermette Posts: 924
Stick to the basics so. The Waltz has 3 steps, simply 123, 123 and you move in a box shape. If you look it on Youtube there are some instructional Clips. *)
tilsun Posts: 4506
My hubby was very nervous about first dance as he felt he had no rhythm and never learned any waltzes etc. We went to a VEC evening class for ballroom dancing (they usually start around sept oct). It was for about 10 weeks,and I think it only cost about 60 each. It was a bit of a laugh and there were lots of couples who seemed to be there for same reason as us. We didn't do any of the actual dances at our wedding but felt more comfortable dancing in front of everyone.
magnoliacupcake Posts: 125
There is a company that teach first dances to bride and groom to be.....think its Bit pricy but if i had money to spare coming up to Wedding i will definately do it! .
rebelchick Posts: 26
Hey girls, here is a website for dance lessons, you can select an area near you... Enjoy x