No rubella immunity

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splash Posts: 57
I have just been told that I have no immunity to Rubella. I am only ten weeks gone. I am really worried as I am a teacher. Also another colleague was told by her GP that German measles is rife at the moment. Anybody got any advice?
mrsbrowneyedgirl28 Posts: 820
Sorry to hear that splash. I'm a teacher too, we are definitely in the firing line to pick up everything. Did your doctor pick this up? Did they advise you? I have no idea if I have immunity :eek
splash Posts: 57
I went for early blood tests as there were a few cases of mumps in the school. I checked my immunity to rubella before ttcing for my first baby and I was fine. I tried ringing my GP but the secretary would not let me talk to her. Have to ring back in the morning. The Midwife didn't seem overly concerned today but we have a nieghbour who contracted rubella while pregnant and her son was born deaf as a result. Am freaking out!!
mrsbrowneyedgirl28 Posts: 820
Oh God. Let us know what you find out. Are you getting Swine flu jab? My doctor recommended it after the 14 week mark
scq09 Posts: 14
I also found out I have no rubella immunity after getting my bfp, Im about 6 weeks now. The doctor advised me to stay away from children with rashes but there is really not much can be done now. Im trying not to worry about it too much.