No support from GP - Any specialists?

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babe06 Posts: 898
Hi - can anyone tell me is there any specialist that know all about homonese, af, ttc, etc? I just find I'm getting nowhere with my GP and not only that but I seem to know more than she does. She's very balck and white. I'm getting alot more information from TCOYF - but would really like an experts advice. So is there a specialist who deals with this sort of thing?Or do you need a referal letter?
Mrs Peg Posts: 1778
Hi babe06, Sorry about your gp, mine is a little more understanding but at time i think i know more than she does aswell?! How long have you been ttc? Have you found the charting useful? Here's a few sites some of the girls have recommended - hopefully you'll find them useful. [url:wn46clqu][/url:wn46clqu] [url:wn46clqu][/url:wn46clqu] Your gp should be able to perform initial tests, checking hormones etc. and they can usually assist with any basic underlying problems. It's only when they run out of ideas that they refer you. It could be quite costly for you to go down the clinic route at this stage before these basic tests are done - it might be worth considering changing gps? PM me if you have any questions, i've had basic tests done, so might be able to help. Best of luck.