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kevadafly Posts: 52
HI, I'm only 5 weeks but am in the same boat. No symptoms, slightly sore boobs at times but nothing else! Apparently some people can get away with no sickness or tiredness so you might just be lucky!!!
Mrs.slightly bonkers Posts: 3289
Girls i have had four kids and never had sore boobs morning sickness tiredness anything like that,dont be might be like me and just lucky.
Me Julia Posts: 1352
is this your first pregnancy Mrs Hoola? Not everyone gets the sore boobs, sickness and tiredness. I have the sore boobs and some tiredness but no sickness. I also dont have the urge to pee every 5 min like i hear others talking about.
Me Julia Posts: 1352
When is your scan mrs hoola?
notlongtogo Posts: 5040
Dont worry my sister had no symptoms like that on first and i only got sore boobs and sickness at 7 weeks.
december06bride Posts: 245
I am 7 weeks pregnant and have no sickness either just an upset stomach some evenings after i have my dinner. This last few days my boobs are very sore - everyone is different - you are lucky you got a scan i have to go back to my GP in two weeks and i am going to ask him if i can go for a scan just for peace of mind and to see the baby of course....
Me Julia Posts: 1352
oh mrs Hoola, i really think you have NOTHING to worry about at all. Especially since you have had a scan!! Honestly just enjoy the fact that you dont have those symptoms you are one of the lucky few. I thought maybe you hadn't had a scan yet, but since you have, stop worrying now! :wv
Mrs plaza Posts: 3031
mrs hoola , don't worry too much , my sister is 5 mths pregnant on first and has had no symptoms at all , baby moving now and boobs got bigger but sailing through