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EmmaF Posts: 314
I've posted this twice as I want to ensure it gets read. Sometimes I wonder why I even bother going onto this site. A lot of you are right sickos, you know that? Self-obsessed heartless cows, only thinking of yourselves and your wonderful wedding days. And then theres even a real queen in the middle of it all, giving his tuppence worth on gay points of view, that frankly, I feel this country is not ready for, and have absolutely nothing to do with the union of marriage between a man and a woman. I propose we make a decision here. Those who don't care that Dana has passed away, just leave this forum immediately. Those who care, lets form a plan of action. Proposed Action Plan: 1. We need a name for our group. Weddings On Liners Ireland Dana Appreciation Yard Society - or WOLIDAYS. 2. Meeting place I suggest someones yard. This will tie into the groups name, (It was really difficult to think of a letter beginning with Y); and will also mean no-one feels under pressure to get the cleaners in. Dana supporters, to me, means terribly houseproud young ladies. 2. We need a mass card. Most likely a very large one to fit all our signatures. Anyone know a parocial office that sells ones similar to the one metre square valentines card my h2b posts to me every year? I have seen this kind of card in pound stretcher Belfast, but only ever for birthdays and valentines. Someone nominate a lady to find us a mass card like this. 3. Who shall attend the funeral, and how can we get there? I have a friend who works in admin in Belfast Intervational Airport. I could call her and ask her the procedure involved in having a plane chartered / sponsered to take a couple of us? However, it would be more central for the group to fly in and out of Dublin airport. Does anyone know Michael O'Leary? I know I have professed never to fly Ryanair again, but this is a matter of life and death. Well, death. Please let me know who's interested? NO TIME WASTERS please. Emma :D ps: Is that a bit disrespetful, having a smiley face at the bottom of my post?
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[quote:3u4jnsqn]2. We need a mass card. Most likely a very large one to fit all our signatures.[/quote:3u4jnsqn] Surely we could get the supplies from Daintree and make our own? Does anyone have a template?? :lol: