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R2theB Posts: 1660
Did anyone[b:9n0pk8da] not[/b:9n0pk8da] have a videographer for their wedding? We aren't going to get one as I don't see the need, it's just an extra cost and I don't think we would watch it, we have really forked out for a good photographer though. But all my friends are making me second guess this decision now saying that they love their wedding video etc. I think I would watch it once or twice and that would be the end of that, I certainly wouldn't be putting anyone else through it (unless they asked, I've been shown wedding vids by friends, nice and all but I [i:9n0pk8da]was[/i:9n0pk8da] there!). The only thing I would ideally like filmed is the ceremony, but just because it'll probably be such a whirlwind of emotion I might forget it all, and I don't mind a friend doing it on their camera, it's more just to jog the memory. I'd love to hear from wollies who didn't have one and either don't or do regret it and why. Thanks! :wv
Squidgem Posts: 139
Hi R2theB! We were totally in the same boat as you regarding the videographer. Waste of money, wont watch it etc etc. Booked a great photographer and thought this would capture the day enough for us. Then... the more we thought about it, the more we started to think that we might be missing something. Everyone says the day goes by so quickly and that you won't really be able to take everything in. Photos are great for capturing individual moments, but not necessarily all of the atmosphere (IMO). We wanted to capture the vows and speeches and thought about asking family/friends to video them, but then thought that they wouldn't really be able to enjoy the moments themselves.... stress! Long story short, we've decided to book a videographer! Some are VERY expensive (especially if you weren't considering having one at all to begin with!!). We resesarched quite a bit and found a really reasonable videographer and we're really happy we have! :o)ll In saying that, I've also talked to people who haven't wanted a videographer and have been perfectly happy afterwards having left it out. I think it all comes down to personal choice at the end of the day. I think you're right, we'll probably only watch it once after the wedding. But I really think it'll be great to watch years down the line. I figure it might be one of the only videos you have of family and friends together. Anyway, I know you were looking for feedback from married wollies, but just thought I'd share my thought! Best of luck with the deicsion-making! :) xx
Mrs W Posts: 2923
My brother didn't have one, they just didn't want it but I didn't ask if they regretted not having it. My mass passed in a blur so I was delighted to have the video. A few relations have died since and it's lovely to see them on it too, there were things that we didn't see during the day that are on it and we watch it on our anniversary drinking a bottle of champagne too!
excitedlady Posts: 431
We didn't have one and I don't regret it one bit. My brother had a video camera and took a few vids for us, the important bits like walking down the isle, the vows and the speeches. It's enough for me!! I've watched them once since! I've seen videos of other people's weddings and sometimes they are great but to be honest if I've been at a wedding it bores me to tears to have to watch it on video! It is a huge expense and if you can afford it... Great. If you can't then... Don't. For us we preferred to spend the money on a better reception for our guests. If you know anyone who has a video camera ask them if the could lend it to you for the day and get a family member to record the important bits for you.
Secret2013 Posts: 227
We did not have one and its my only regret! It's a big regret too I would strongly consider changing your mind. Our day flew by and was very special but I would love to be able to watch back on DVD. Also just after the wedding we found out my Dad is very sick I would give anything to be able to watch him walking me down the aisle and making his speech. Give it some thought is my advice.
shoveover Posts: 480
We had no videographer and have no regrets. I was worried that we would regret not having one, but I'm delighted now we didn't. Not once have I wished I could sit down and watch our wedding DVD. No, I don't remember every moment of the day, and yes, the ceremony was over in a blur, but neither do I remember every minute of our first date, or the day he proposed, or the day we moved in together... and do you know what? It doesn't matter. Not one bit.
lorraine78 Posts: 988
Its my biggest regret from the whole wedding not having one.The day goes so fast and i would've loved to sit and watch it back.I was adamant that i didn't want one and thought i could spend the money elsewhere,really wished we had've budgeted for one.
elpi Posts: 748
We didnt have one and its my only regret. The day is such a whirlwind that its very hard to take everything in. I'd love to be able to look back on it.
thenextmrs Posts: 45
We were like you too - we're getting married in July next year and were adamant from the get-go that we wouldn't have a videographer. I'd been to a couple of weddings where the videographer seemed really intrusive and made a few of us feel a bit uncomfortable. And we thought it was a very big expense. But then we went to two close friends weddings late this summer and I have to say, having seen the DVDs, we decided we did want one! The videographer at one of them was just great - not intrusive in the slightest and you would barely have known he was there. And the finished DVD was brilliant. When we asked that couple what they thought they also said they weren't going to have one originally but they were so glad they did because they missed little moments of the day and it was great to have the speeches etc to watch back on. And so the more we thought of it the more we decided we actually did want to capture those moments like the vows, speeches and first dance. But we're being very specific about not having guests asked for messages etc and making sure it's not very intrusive on the day. We ended up booking the same videographer as our friend and whilst its another expense (he's reasonable though), I think it's something that will really be worthwhile. Having said that, each to their own: it's something we said we weren't going to have and now do, so if you an afford it and you actually think it would suit your day and you would like to watch your day back again, then do it, otherwise, don't, and don't worry about it! If your budget can't stretch to it, I would say focus on the other things that are important to you in making your day special!
sweetbubbles Posts: 377
God I loved our video, loved watching it after, got much more enjoyment from watching the video, than our photos.