No Visitors Allowed at Maternity Hospital

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newyorker Posts: 309
Just wondering if this is common practice in all Maternity Hospitals now? We were able to visit SIL at her maternity hosp last year, but the one I will be attending has a rule whereby no visitors are allowed at all. DH or DP are the only people allowed to visit during your stay.
jewellb Posts: 2389
i actually think id like this, esp if i have a section, but maybe id feel different at the time, in HS i think Dh'S can vist during the day and grandparents at night, unless there is an outbreak of vomiting bug or flu, im due in january so there will more than likely be an outbreak of something at that time of year !!!
tilsun Posts: 4506
I think it's common during the winter months. Never heard of it as an all round year rule.
gingerwhinger Posts: 1421
On my first there was a bug going around so all visiting was banned apart from DH. But to tell the truth I hated it. 3 days cooped up in a room by myself and the baby. Yes I got a rest but I did miss the company. I knew a midwife at the hospital so she snook my mam and sister into see me and was delighted she did. Last time round there was no restrictions only visitor numbers. I think I was only allowed a max of 3 at a time which suited me anyways. I know if there's any vomiting bug or virus going around they will ban visitors straight away
brightlight Posts: 394
Think this is a great idea, though have never heard of it! Wish my hospital did this. Saves all the extended family coming in for a nosey, and it may actually be other people's visitors that will annoy you more. When I was in with DS1, I had him at 11am and was in ward on my own until a lady came in about 12 midnight, having just had he baby. Baby had been taken to neo-natal but her Dad and her Mum and her hubby all stayed with her until 1am in the morning, chatting away and eating crisps and sweets!! I will never forget it, so rude and selfish, I was bloody exhausted!!
barneyrubble Posts: 252
Bear in mind that if the nosey relatives/friends can't pop in in hospital they'll land on your door stop when you're home ;o) Ive only heard this if there's a bug in the hospital or the likes. I wouldn't like it, I like parents/siblings/close firends visiting. I do agree with limiting to 2/3 at a time tho
Octoberbaby2010 Posts: 257
This has happened in the hospital im attending tooo think its so annoying this is my 2nd pregnancy so its not like DH can stay for half the day when we have a lo at home to mind and as far as i know kids are not allowed :o(
Twirler Posts: 1644
I was in Holles Street and the rules were that your partner and other children could visit at pretty much any time, grandparents could visit between 6 and 9. To be honest I was quite relieved as my SIL wanted to visit me in hospital and I didn't want anyone other than my parents and my husband's mum in there.
ciaraella Posts: 5323
I was in the coombe, your partner has a pass to be used during visiting hours and then there was a second pass that they could give to another person. It's pretty strict but to be honest i think they're right, it's not ideal to have loads of people traisping in and out of wards with young babies and tired mammies, i was happy to see visitors when i got home.
StellaBella Posts: 432
I have to say there was a total ban on visitors due to the winter bug except your OH or another person.. and i had a section so was in for 5 nights, and i nearly went off my head... it was lovely for the first two days.. but after that.. i went stir crazy!! Plus it meant grandparents didn't see my little lady till she was 5 days old.. and i ended up with a ton of visitors coming to my house for weeks.. and i had to keep making tea, coffee and having a constant supply of biscuits in the house... i have said it now, that i pray to god it isn't on when i go in for this one.. i would like to be able to see my little girl and to see other people!!! and cut down on the home visits..