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pocketrocket Posts: 350
Hi all, we got married a month ago and 4 of our wedding quests (Hubbies work friends) did not give gifts, is this normal? I just think its a bit rude we paid a fair amount for their meals etc and they are all in employment (I would understand if they werent) Obviously we wouldnt dream of saying anything to them but we just think its a bit odd. Any opinions?
BlossomHill Posts: 2169
It might be rude Pocketrocket but surely you did not invite them of the strength of their potential gift! Maybe they contributed to a works collection & don't feel the need to give again. Why are you bothered ?
havemovedon Posts: 2013
From what I've read here over the last few months, it appears to be common for some guests not to give any gift or card. When we started planning our wedding, I was told two things that stood out in my mind. The first was that I'd be surprised by who [i:2pq86c08]doesn't [/i:2pq86c08]make it to the wedding, and the second was that some people will not give a gift or a card. I wouldn't be upset about it. Not everyone attaches the same importance or etiquette to weddings as we do. I'm sure you had a great day and you're married to your man now. Don't let stinginess bother you, life's too short.
BlossomHill Posts: 2169
[quote="rioja":3j06laeg] Don't let stinginess bother you, life's too short.[/quote:3j06laeg] Rioja is right. You had a great day. Why taint it with this.
DrWhosPoopy Posts: 654
Out of 7 brothers and sisters, (mine) only 1 of them gave us a present, and not so much as a card from the others. Go figure! You just can't tell with some people.
pocketrocket Posts: 350
Thanks Rioja i suppose you are right, i think it bothered me as i would never dream of not giving a gift especially as i know the effort and cost a couple go to in order to ensure their guests have an enjoyable day. Of course i didnt invite them for their gift blossom hill i didnt even know them! and no they didnt contribute to a works collection, perhaps some people dont feel the need to give gifts, i suppose i was brought up to think differently and display manners towards my hosts.
sherwood Posts: 737
Maybe they'll give something yet? There was another thread on here recently about thank you cards and when to send them and some posters said that you don't send them straight after the wedding as some people are still giving presents! They might surprise you :o0 :o0
pocketrocket Posts: 350
Dont think so at this stage we are back in work for nearly two weeks and no mention to my hubby about them. Ah well like another poster said its just one of those things!
Urban Fairy Posts: 3987
I know what you mean about that being something you would always do, I'd be the same, but when I was a bit younger and went to my first couple of weddings, I only put tiny amounts of money in cards or silly little presents. I feel like a right tool looking back but i never knew what the done thing was until i was a little older. Some people just dont think really, consider yourself a nicer person for being as considerate as you are. Try not to dwell on it so much darlin
dancingfeet Posts: 826
We went to H2B friend wedding a few months back and we bought a gift instead of cash, our problem was we had a guest staying over in our house the night before the wedding and we were rushing to get to the church and forgot the present. Both of us were totally embarrassed on the day but the couple didn't notice. When they arrived back from Honeymoon we meet up with them for lunch and gave them the present and the bride informed me that guests have up to a year to give a present.