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scoutf Posts: 667
Im at my wits end here, I really dont know what to do. I have neighbours who like to practice playing (awful) music at really weird hours- either from about 10pm to midnight or from 930 am to 10.30 (just enough to wake me so I cant get back to sleep) Ive been into them in the last fortnight and asked them to turn it down (bit of a language barrier, theyre polish) but they got the gist and all was well for about three days. Now its back again, every morning and every night and the thing is I dont know if its that theyre loud or the walls are thin (new development, shoddily built) but I cant go back in and ask again and I just dont know what to do :(
Ghostwhisperer Posts: 53
Are they renting the property do you know? if so can you contact their landlord or find out who their landlord is? You could try go in again if you dont fancy contacting the landlord and see how it will make a change! Best of luck with it, I know that would really annoy me.
ticketyboo Posts: 625
i had the very same problem with my neighbours in july of last year until november. i wouldn't advise going in because we were told by the guards not to call to their door again (we had called in twice to ask them to stop the noise) because we were tresspassing and could actually get in trouble for doing it!! i rang the guards every time to make a formal complaint about it and they they eventually came out because i got very agitated one night they woke my daughter up. they and gave the neighours a verbal asbo! around a week later they started making noise again and once again i rang the guards and thay called out and told them further action will be taken if they had to come out again to them, i then got in contact with the landlord of the house and they were given a months notice to get out! they have since moved 2 doors down!.. if u make formal complaints it should help in case u need to take action about getting them out of there!.. x
Groovy-Chick Posts: 2383
A few years ago an ex of mine has this problem with his next door neighbour. The neighbour was a DJ in a local club and he used to have parties after work which meant there was music thumping through the walls from about 3am until who knows what time cause it was still on when he left for college at 9am! What he did in the end was, all the guys in the house came home at lunch time when your man was sleeping, put on their stereos as loud as they could and turned the speakers to the wall. They then left the house for a while. They didnt have any trouble with him after that! Not sure if it's something you could try, just to let them see how annoying it is? My ex had said to this guy several times and was really at the end of his tether!
veryv Posts: 970
I had the very same problem with neighbours who were Polish two years ago when we lived in apartment. The language barrier was a big problem in communicating with them. I complained to the management company who looked after the apartment and they had a word which quietend things for a week or so but then it started again - loud dance music at all hours in the room beside our bedroom. I decided to give them a taste of their medicine so I took the stereo from the sitting room, placed the speakers against the wall one morning after they had music blaring til all hours. I put on Ministry of Sound CD and blasted in for an hour and a half!! I laughed away to myself as I did the washing up thinking of them not being able to sleep on as they always did in the mornings!! So later that day they were outside having a fag and smiled sheepishly at me as I walked out to my car!! That was the end of it.
scoutf Posts: 667
thanks for the replies folks. I ended up going into them again the other night, I just couldnt take it anymore and so far so good. I actually ran into the girl i spoke to just outside my house and I said thanks to her for sorting it out but i've a feeling she didnt understand any of it!
jitterbub Posts: 18
i really hate that, being woken up isn't nice, but when the noise is even just audible it's hard to fall back asleep O:| and i don't know why but i'd rather lie there than cause a fuss most of the time, until it becomes regular, then i find you can't sleep cos you're anticipating the noise :o( and then eventully you can't sleep through sheer anger >:o( anyway i think it's illegal to make noise or cause disruption in a residential area after 10pm? im pretty sure though formal complaints are the only way to go, if i have to call in on more than 2 seperate occasions then it's the guards :action28 here's to regular sleep patterns guys :zzzz:
gillette Posts: 1803
I've posted before about our upstairs neighbours who are lovely but have the noisiest s*x life ever. And it's at the weirdest hours, usually at 2.30 in the morning. It's more their squeaky bedsprings than moaning but the amount of times we've been woken up.........We've talked to them about it in a roundabout way (letting them know that our bedroom is under theirs and that the insulation between the two doesnt seem to be great) and they have made an effort, but then passion overcomes them and it starts again............
scoutf Posts: 667
Well God, folks Im glad I went in when I did- This weekend there was a murder about ten minutes from my house. Dunno if ye heard about it but the poor guy was followed in a car by his neighbours after he asked them to turn their music down!! What the hell is wrong with people??
jitterbub Posts: 18
what is the world coming to? this country is going to the dogs!some people have no conscence and act soley on impulse without regard for others, ie. the people they harm and the conscequences for their family and friends..makes you think maybe sometimes you're better off saying nothing.........