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misstomrs2014 Posts: 2
Hi there, We moved into a house in a new development just over a year ago. approx. 6 months after, the adjoining house became frequented, fast forward 3 months and it seems that this is an assisted living arrangement for people with mental health issues. There is one guy in the house that I suspect has severe pyschiatric issues. He roars and shouts (just the word ‘no’ all of the time) and kicks & bangs doors and walls. It’s fairly scary to hear the shouting but the banging is on another level. Last Friday evening we arrived home from work around 8pm and the banging was so bad that the plates in our presses were rattling. At the weekends, we are awake from 7am with shouting and banging. I have a 5 year old niece who stays over with us from time to time but I can’t allow it anymore as the noise would terrify her. Similarly, I wouldn’t be comfortable having guests over. The thing is, I think this kind of service is super but, I’m not sure that a terrace house is the right property for it. I’m not saying lock people away in remote areas but, perhaps a bigger detached house would be more suitable (for everyone). I also think it’s sad for the other guy that lives there, it must be hard for him to see the other man so distressed. It’s difficult to catch the carers / support workers for a chat as they do shift work and come late / leave early so I'd need to knock in but I don’t want to cause a scene at the front door. We've already had to call in twice as the carers park in our drive and they've taken our bin on occasion - It didn't bother me much, mistakes happen etc... but each time we called in, the patients (?) come to the door too :( I tried calling the HSE to see which group they are linked to but they were useless. Even if they could move this chap to a room on the other side of the house (they’re end of road so no house on the other side) it might help. Any suggestion or experience with this kind of setup? TIA!
black pearl Posts: 3513
I would call in and ask the carers to select a suitable time to talk and see what they say?
jezabelle Posts: 607
Call in to the house ask what organisation they are? And ask that a supervisor calls in to your house or telephones you. Explain that there is frequent banging and shouting and that is is very distressing.