non hotelly venue for 260 ish - Help

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Tempranillo Posts: 36
Hi all, In my stupidity I thought we would manage to keep our wedding number around the 160 mark and had looked a lovely little venues, country houses and the like :duh: Turns out we have bigger families than I thought and thankfully more than one or two friends. So now here we are looking at bigger venues and Im trying to find something that is a little different- the hotel wedding, top table, entrance in, first dance etc terrifies me and I want to avoid it if possible. Im looking for somewhere thats a little more casual I think like a non hotelly hotel. Also no marquees as its looking like it could be an October/November wedding. Any and all advice greatly appreciated Im freaking out here! (p.s how has everyone else made this all seem so easy?? Im in awe!)
Curunina Posts: 83
I don't know if it will take your numbers (though I think it would), but the Royal Hospital Kilmainham is absolutely gorgeous. I was at a wedding there last year, and it was stunning in every way. Best of luck with it - I had the same problem, and ended up changing dates and doing a marquee...
Tempranillo Posts: 36
Curunina thanks for the suggestion I will check it out.