normal double buggy or phil and ted???

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suzienew Posts: 14
hi Need advice, im now 25 weeks and my little girl is 15 months....i just dont know what to do about a pram, my little girl will just be 20 months when i have my i was thinking of some sort of a double buggy....maybe a phil and ted or just a double buggyeg gracco.... i want the smallest it can fit in my ford fiesta .... i already have a quinny!! any thoughts???? :action28
apple drop Posts: 331
Im in the same boat as you suzienew, Although not as far along as you, my DD will be just gone 2 when no. 2 arrives. I have the mama & papas Pilko pram and buggy set and dont know wheather or not to get a double buggy. I dont think it would be fair on DD to expect her to walk everywhere once no 2 arrives and dont like the idea of just using a step for her on the back of the buggy incase she wants to sleep too! So ill be keeping an eye on this post too to see what other mums have done. :o0
MrsQ2be Posts: 14
Hiya I was in the same boat as you both, my DD is just over 4 n half months now and DS is 2 n half years. As far as I know the phil n teds is still quite big when folded so u myt have issues with your boot. I liked the phil and teds but my H2B didnt like the idea of DD being stuck underneath in the cocoon. We went for the mama and papas aria twin plus in the end up... its a side by side but one side is wider than the other... the mama n papas primo viaggio car seat fits in the wider side (so apple drop if you already have that seat for your pilko then that would be handy) and the toddler fits no problem in the narrow side... then when the baby is abit older they can sit in the narrow side n the older child gets extra room on the wider side. Its really light weight and smooth to push. I really like it but it can be abit of a nuisance to fold down sometimes lol. I couldnt find it new anywhere but I seen this ad for a nearly new one...[url:3qm4l2ad][/url:3qm4l2ad] but I'm sure pram shops around the country must have it Hope this helps :)
suzienew Posts: 14
i was just wondering how long would the cocoon last....on the phil and ted...up to what age...? i must have a look at the side by side buggys...are they easy to get in and out of shops..? really sorry about all the questions....just want to buy the right one!
MrsQ2be Posts: 14
dont worry, its important u get the ryt one for you. My side by side is quite a small one... and after having the graco tour deluxe for my first which was a big single travel system I dont find it anymore difficult than that. It fits through doorways easily and its grand in most shops... some shops can be tight for even the smallest strollers though. The girl in mothercare was honest n told me that the cocoon doesnt last very long at all and that only the week before I was in a lady was in trying to return it as it only lasted a couple weeks and she was not happy. But then I suppose it depends on the size of your baby.. that put me off as my first baby was nearly 9 n half pound and I was expecting my second to be bigger lol. Good luck and let us know which one you go for in the end up :) How are you finding your second pregnancy with a toddler running around?
kala Posts: 1937
i have the marco sky, bought it in symths in a sale for 129 euro, if you ggogle it you'll see a good image of it.the new born lies flat behind and then as they get older it can be put in the sit up mode. its not like the phil and teds where one is underneath, but rather one is behind a little higher up so they both can see out
mammak Posts: 489
Hey girls, My lo1 was 14months when lo2 came along. I had bought a phil and teds in advance after hearing great things. Unfortunately for me, my lo1 went bananas when he couldnt see or touch lo2. And kept trying to get out/ turn around to see the baby. It was a nightmare. Fab buggy but not for my needs. So decided on a side by side. Then got a Maclarens twin techno - side by side, really lightweight, and the biggest problem was my lo1 couldnt fit across the shoulders......grrrrrr!!! Really easy to fold So after learning a HUGE leason i organised DH to come with me and the two children to actually try them out in double buggies......and got a nipper love love love it! Now my lo1 will be 26 months and lo2 will be 12 months when lo3 comes along and i'm ever so hopeful that the double will do.....triple buggy land seems very very scary :o0 :o0 My advice is wait and see until your no.2 comes don't want to fork out money on something that you hope will work rather than what you know will work as youve tried it. Also second hand buggies are really really good value, here, rollercoaster, magic mum all have classifieds.....i know second time round i wasnt so flash with the cash as i was 1st time. Also a quick and easy folding buggy is a must.....the last thing you want is to spend time putting 2 kids into car seats and then 10 mins out in the rain trying to fold the bl**dy thing! Best of luck!