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duffy-to-be Posts: 265
Hi, I am having a small wedding--like 40 ppl. I read over the menu with FMIL and she is insisting that I have 2 options for the [b:1s2jbiow]main course[/b:1s2jbiow]---this is ok. I read in my brochure the following: "shoud you decide on a choice for one or more courses additional charges are incurred. To calculate the cost, select the menu item with the higher cost as your base price and add 2.OOEur. to this for [b:1s2jbiow]each course[/b:1s2jbiow]." So I asked the people in charge and they said yes, you will have to pay more for each course O:| So salads at 8.30 will now be 10.30?!?! I just think it's a bit much for each course. Just so I can have a choice of beef or chicken. What do you all think?
Novice Posts: 458
I've to add €3 for choice of main and €1.50 for choice of starters or desserts.
lopats Posts: 692
to have an option on the menu in our hotel was an extra 5 a head we didnt have an option! so think its a normal occurance best of luck with it
rey Posts: 496
Unfortunately it is the norm to charge per course for a choice. Thankfully I don't think I have that problem...but in other hotels I checked they all charged per course. If it was really pushing up the costs I would just have a choice with the main meal and have a set starter and dessert....
loveheart Posts: 686
count yourself lucky girl - its costing us 7.50 a head for choice of a main course!!!!
jen2 Posts: 3106
This is the norm We had to payan extra 5 euro PH for the choice. Jen2
naughty Posts: 1144
yep the norm, 3.80 per meal if you want a choice.. :(
Mrs P 2b Posts: 111
think you're actually getting a good rate - ours is an exrta 5euro per course per option - which really bumps up the price! especially as we're having about 240 people! our hotel explained it was because they have to get in enough of each course incase everyone goes for the same option. just another excuse for them to get more money out of us O:|
old Posts: 493
we're being charged something like 1.50 for starter and 2/3 for main and 1.50 for dessert (or something like that). The main course is probably more important than the starter or dessert so if you want to save a little maybe have one starter, a choice of main and one dessert. I think we are having a medly of desserts anyway so that solves that one! I'm going see if a medly of starters is possible also, I doubt it but might be worth asking!! However no doubt they'll charge extra for it!
montblanc Posts: 385
How exactly do they calculate the cost? Say one choice is 20 euro and the other costs 30 euro, do you pay for how much people order (and then add the 5 euro per choice?)