North v South Benefits?

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ANother Posts: 15
Hi. I live in the north but work and pay my taxes in the south.Am I entitled to claim maternity and child benefit down south(I believe it a bit more) or does it have to be place of residency? Not due for ages but trying to get my head around things. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
theoracle Posts: 7664
There does not seem to be an onus on the residency status in the definition of the entitlements, it only refers to number of PRSI contributions required, and in the 'absence from state' section, it says you can be in another EU state and receive it, so my guess is you should be be fine. You could also inquire with any citizens advice office in the south, they will give you impartial advice on the matter and treat it confidentially - if you pick one near the border I am sure they will have more precise info on this.
lunamie Posts: 271
I'm not sure you would be entitled to it in the North anyway as the conditions say that you have to pay NI for so many weeks beforehand..... - I guess the PRSI equivalent.