Nose and sinus problems

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hagfromhell Posts: 2146
I am having desperate morning / noon / night sickness and it is all coming from my nose! BRACE YOURSELVES GIRLS: The amount of snot running down the back of my throat is unreal. I have worked this out thanks to google as being Post Nasal Drip. Is there anything I can take that will help me as I am fed up gagging and having to run to the bathroom in case of being sick. I haven't actually vomited up anything except phlegm since I got pregnant (SORRY SORRY). It is at the stage that I am wretching (sp) about 25 times a day from it. Anyone got any suggestions as to what I can to?
mrsodo Posts: 1292
Hi Designerwine, god love you that sounds awful! I came down with the flu a couple of months ago and I suffered terribly from a blocked nose (couldnt' sleep), but nothing like you're experiencing. Maybe you should go to see your doctor, she/he might be able to offer you something which is safe to take and which will help. Hope you feel better soon *)
leixi Posts: 67
designerwine my nose is the same i am always blowing it because i am soooo snotty ( sorry) but it is now giving me a terrible cough and it sounds like a 20 a day cough, i dont feel sick i actually feel fine but it is so annoying, i just want something that will dry my nose up,
Salander Posts: 1639
Avoid dairy - I love it but its snottastic! Sleep with two pillows so your head is at a bit of an angle (to try stopping it dripping down your throat) a lot of girls here use sinurinse or the nasal spray stera something (- dang pregancy forgetfulness!) its basically sterile salty water you spray up your nose and it washes out the snot - didn't work for me cos my nasal bones are misshapen! and pray they come up with the miracle cure!
byebye Posts: 599
I am using sterimar when I'm not too bad, but when it gets bad, I have to use Sinurinse (I suffer with chronic sinutitus [one of my sinuses is too big]and had been using a steroid nasal spray before I got pregnant)
snowbear Posts: 2107
Hello there... am actually on hols at the moment but took a sneaky peak at WOL in my hotel and when I saw your question had to reply!! You poor poor thing... I totally sympathise. I've had this since month 3... if you do a search you'll probably see loads of whinging :o0 from me about it!!! It's to do with blood vessels in the nose swelling during pregnancy and, in my case, an exacerbation of previously existing sinus problems caused by coming off steroid meds. The others have given you good advice but here's a summary of what I was told; Totally safe things for pregnancy are: Sleeping on LOADS of pillows (this works for me a bit) Sterimar Spray Sinusrinse (chemist for both of these, they are saline sprays) Inhaling vicks from a steamer (about E10 from Boots) If you are really desperate talk to your GP / Consultant. Mine finally relented after month four and let me take an anti hystamine (not going to post the name here as I think people should talk to their own docs about drugs). And it helps a bit. Other people have had over the counter meds recommended but again I'd always go to a doc for this advice - for eg a chemist will never let you buy stuff during pregnancy unless a doc says so. I have to say mine never really cleared up... currently in week 24... if its any help I'm in a hot country now and it's a lot better but I'm sure it's temporary!!! But it did get a bit better with all of the effort... and beleive it or not I got a bit used to it at night so am sleeping a little beter. take care Mx
Martiespride Posts: 997
i had the exact same thing with the morning sickness and it didnt ease up till 18 weks. and she snot issue too. still have a bit of it but its not as bad as it was. it kept making me puke everytime i blew my nose. disaster O:| it does get better though, hang in there. i found that if i cleared my nose before i went to sleep and first thing in the morning it was a tiny bit better. also give it a good blow after a shower. i hope you dont get nose bleeds like i did!!!!! oh the joys
neeov Posts: 4256
Could be a sinus infection, you should get it checked out. A good blow is often a bad idea, it can force the snot further back into your sinuses! A few gentle blows is better.
Time For A Change Posts: 6885
FINALLY THERES SOMEONE ELSE!!!! Designerwine, thats exactly what I have-& I ain't even pregnant!!! I feel your pain m'dear, I've been on every antibiotic and nasal spray imaginable and even had two nasal washes - and nothing worked!! My doctor suggested getting a Barium done (basically drinking a milkshake thingy so they can see what wrong by xray,then they decide what to do) but I was over with her on Friday and for some reason shes now saying thats "an old fashioned way" of doing it. Her suggestion was to ring the Eye and Ear hospital and see what they recommend - I'm going to because I'm sick of having this "gunk" constantly at the back of my throat!! Hope you get it sorted asap missus :thnk