Hi all b2b, Well it's a month since our wedding & I'm so lonesome for my day. Girls it was the best day of my life and I love being married. There were the usual little hiccups during the day but my husband and I had vowed that no matter what happened we were going to enjoy the day and it is the best attitude to have because we smiled all day long and loved every minute of it. We spent almost the whole day together, was very conscious of not being away from him for too long as I had heard some horror stories of couples not seeing each other for the night once the band started. Ladies I wish ye all the very best. Thanks so much for all the advice over the last 10 months, this site is the business. For all you brides to be my biggest word of advice is to enjoy your day, let the little things slide and take it all in. It's such a magical time and married life is everything I had hoped it would be. The very best wishes to you all xxx :lvs