Not BFing - what to bring to hosp?

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LuckyYear2013 Posts: 3972
If I'm not planning on breastfeeding, do I need to bring bottles, formula, etc to the hospital?
freddiebear Posts: 215
When you are in the hospital they will ask you which formula you want to use (SMA,Cow & Gate or Aptimal) and will supply all the bottles the baby needs while there. Its partly because you wouldn't be able to sterilise bottles etc in there and also so they can record precisely what the baby drank. Some hospitals will give you extra bottles to cover the first few feeds at home too. Best of luck with the rest of your pregnacy & little one!
LuckyYear2013 Posts: 3972
thanks so much, hadn't even thought about sterilising the bottles in there best of luck to you too
freddiebear Posts: 215
No problem, I was only talking about this Tuesday with my sister in law who's had 2 children and bottle fed them both. Happy nesting :-)
babyblossom Posts: 78
Yip, as freddiebear has said, no need to bring anything for feeding if not breastfeeding. Hospital will supply everything. The hospital I attended didnt ask which formula you wanted, they just used Aptimal. I guess they're all different.