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nasus Posts: 624
going for my hair trial tomorrow and then in to see my dress the finished product and im not one bit xcited in fact i couldnt give a fu*k did any one else feel like that or am i just a weirdo :o( :o(
zoey Posts: 1574
Maybe you're just feeling a bit numb about it all. I got like that too where the whole wedding thing feels a bit surreal....
Lucy2007 Posts: 427
Nasus I feel the very same as you - getting my first fitting for my dress on monday and to be honest i could not give 2 sh**ts :o( :o( Im so sick of everything at this stage, so much to do and very little time Going on my hen this weekend so maybe it might get me back into the wedding mood again
Lady loves chocolate Posts: 433
I feel the same as well. Sailed through my hens, hair trials fittings etc and while I really enjoyed them all they still havent got me in the excited mood. Im putting it down to being busy. Im always like this when i go on holidays- Im really busy at work, packing etc and then literally the moment i walk out the door of work Im like a hyperactive bunny with the excitement. :o)ll Maybe you girls will be the same ?
AllisonR Posts: 249
Hey Nasus, I went through a 'phase' like this for a couple of MONTHS! It all got so on top of me that I just didnt want to know about any more wedding $h!te! People asking me how the preperations were going and having to answer was like an awful chore. I didnt even put any effort into finding 'the dress' that talked about here so often, just let my mother pick one thats lovely but never got WOW feeling. Now at only 14 full days to go the excitement I felt when we got engaged is only starting to come back. Its unrealistic (my opinion) to expect that you can keep your joy and excitement at an all time high for the entire engagement, espically if its a long one. Wedding planning is too stressful alone to do that and its only other peoples expectation that you should be bubbling over every time they ask you. In fairness its just that one day that we're expected to provide but what really excites me now is that were making a (lovely) commitment that day that lasts the rest of our lives. Chin up girls its not so bad, just do what comes naturally not what your expected. I hope my rambeling helped :o0