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Avril Hiswife Posts: 1743
We are not planning on having any kind of nursery - we don't think the baby will mind, we want to hang on to our office/spare room as long as we can & we'd rather spend the money on a luxury weekend away >:o) This is being greeted with horror and consternation in real life. So, are we being killjoys? We will still obviously be buying anything we do want for the baby, including non-necessities, like a glider chair and stool for the living room that DH thought was the most comfortable thing he'd ever sat in (visions of him using it to play playstation while I sit on the sofa feeding the baby). Some stuff we are not bothering with is useful - like a changing table or wardrobes, but most of the nursery stuff you see is just decorative really... maybe the nesting instinct will kick in and all that will become important down the line!
Hokey Cokey Posts: 4816
We're not having a nursery just yet either. The baby will sleep in our room for the first while anyway. Our room is massive so there is plenty of room for the cot and changing unit and maybe even another chest of drawers. We have 2 spare rooms but both are full of furniture that I dont want to move just yet. Whenever the baby moves into its own room, I think we'll keep as much of the furniture we already have rather than buying loads of new stuff. Eg we have plenty of fairly new single beds already, so will use one of those rather than a kiddie bed. The changing unit we're getting is a Cossatto plastic one, rather than one of the wooden ones. I think its more practical and has loads of storage space, including little areas at the top for cotton wool etc. We might even keep it in our ensuite. I'll get a colourful mobile for over the cot to stimulate the baby, but at this stage I dont see the point in getting all new curtains, light shades etc
Grunge Bride Posts: 2529
Hi girls At the start I thought we weren't going to bother with a "nursery" as such - baby will be in with us for the first while and although we were going to get the cot and whatever else was necessary, we were going to leave the decor in the spare room as is, thinking the baby is hardly going to notice! Since then I must admit I've changed my mind...we've got paint samples and have picked a colour scheme for the spare room and also saw a range of bedding etc that will look lovely. We're also looking at toys and things that will fit in with the "theme" and I really want to make the room lovely for Baby. Each to their own of course but I've definitely changed from the very practical view I had at the start....
kala Posts: 1937
we didn't do a nursey either. just felt its a waste, as i think baby James will be in our room until he is at least a year old. we use one of the spare bedrooms for storing all his stuff- its got a bed, wardrobe , locker and chest of drawers. we call it his room as thats where everything for him is kept. i didn't buy a changing unit as i'm quite nervous of them incase babs would fall off it- i always change him on the ground on a comfy changing mat. thatway then i can dispose of the nappy and wash my hands while he is lying safely on the ground. i keep the tomy tipee nappy bin in the main bathrom which i find brilliant.
pattie Posts: 2379
DD's room still has no skirting boards and black bin liners stuck to the window till I get round to finishing her blackout curtains! Eventually it'll be a nice room though, and hopefully she'll like it as she gets older too. I purposely chose the curtain fabric to be girly and cute but not too babyish and we got a lovely rug which again is cute but not babyish. We do all our changing and dressing downstairs. I just use her old moses basket to store her clothes and change her on the rug as she won't stay still. We recently got the Graco Electra travel cot to use as a playpen and it would have been great in the early days as it has a changer and we could've stored all her clothes and nappies in it.
Mrs Electric Posts: 1939
We have a small room next to ours that will be nursery eventually but our room is also huge so no hurry, smaller room is like a bomb hit it at moment, it still needs wardrobe, some other furniture, curtains, just needs the whole baby look to it, ill wait until afterwards and know what sex baby is and then finish it but as you say baby will be in your room for 1st few months anyway so no pressure.
Anonymous Posts: 24542
We did DD's room up as a child's room rather than a nursery, as she'll be a child for a lot longer than she'll be an infant.
alton Posts: 3077
I didn't have a nursery when I was little and it has scarred me for life I'm sure :o0 We are slowly but surely getting one together for our LO but that's a combination of romance, and the availablility of space. It makes sense to put all the baby's stuff together into the spare room, and since the walls and floor don't need changing it's not costing us much. It amazes me how other people think they have a divine right to tell you how to spend your money. We decided that we'd rather start a college fund than pay for private maternity care, and from the reaction of some people you'd think it was the height of negligence, and we were playing russian roulette with our child's health. And then when you do splash out on something, you get to listen to "why would you want that?....In my day, we didn't blah-blah-blah" O:|
justwaitin Posts: 2462
you dont need a nursery, but a changing unit for me was a godsend we bought a wooden one with shelfs underneath im still using it for ds its dead handy for all its bits and peices.
Avril Hiswife Posts: 1743
Truth be told, I am nervous of changing units too. I remember changing my little nephew on one, he was a little wriggler and I was much happier doing it on the floor! We'll see though. The shops won't be vanishing the day I give birth and if my back is killing me we can always get one then. Everyone has an opinion on everything you do that is wedding or baby related it seems, I am already practicing not taking them seriously! :o0