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Hot Mama Posts: 206
Do any of you get days when you are just not hungry ?? If so what do you eat ? Yesterday i ate very little and i felt terrible cause i know i should be eating for babs but i really wasnt hungry. Maybe a smoothy with fruit in it or something ? - would be better than nothing ? Then there are days when i cant eat enough :o0 Anyone else have this problem ?
Toots12 Posts: 894
yes, my appetite definitely disappears from time to time - I can eat, but just have no real enjoyment of food sometimes. I try to have a bowl of muesli on those days, so that at least I'm getting calcium and some nuts/fruit etc into me... a smoothy would be good too and an easy way to get your fruit intake
Barbalou Posts: 1617
have times like that can't really say days, there just some times I'd rather skip so I tend to have smoothies instead or a piece of fruit or a scone.
alton Posts: 3077
That happens me too. I've always been a bit like that really. I try and manage a bit of cereal or a smoothie and I try and drink milk and fruit juice instead of water, just to make sure that there are some nutrients in me. Other days I can't stop eating. Twice, I've forced myself to finish dinners that I didn't really want and ended up being sick in the middle of the night, so I've just started listening to what my body wants and going with the flow now. It used to make me feel guilty but I don't waste calories on guilt anymore. So far the baby has been bang-on for dates so I don't think that the odd day makes a huge difference. I'd say if it's happening too often though you might want to discuss it with your doctor.
rushinbride Posts: 1097
god i've plenty of those days...i tend to have lots of fruit on those days - just for something really - I even lie to DH about what I've ate cause he thinks i'm eating nothing some days... I find smoothies too filing to be honest, but i'd go through a punnit of strawberries not a bother!! If you can find something good that you'd eat loads of without a problem such as strawberries/grapes etc - well at least its in some way beneficial! and a lot better than 6 bags of malteasers!! I've found tho as the pregnancy progressed I'm eating everyday - but certainly when I was 17 wks or so...i could have lived on just my cereal in the problem... there is nothing worse than force feeding yourself...i just found really juicy fruit like oranges were great cause it was more of a thirst i had then a hunger...your probably different but thats how i was!! don't worry bout it tho...your not alone and i wouldn't worry bout it either it will get better in a few wks!
Mammypig Posts: 832
i have days like this too and you will have it quite a lot towards the end too. smoothies are a great thing for you on days like that. i also try and just make small portions of food like crackers and butter, toast etc. don't force yourself to eat if your not hungry, will only make you feel worse.
whackywoman Posts: 1496
I was like that during most of my pregnancy. I used to enjoy breakfast as I was really hungry then but other meals I had to force myself to eat. Then I would have days when I would chew the arm of someone to get food Unfortunately now I am back to chewing the arm of someone if they have chocolate and crisps anywhere and the weight is not shifting O:|
alton Posts: 3077
Just wanted to add that when I get very thirsty I lose my appetite altogether. That's probably just me though!