Not Inviting Family Members??

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marriedLife Posts: 1881
hagfromhell Posts: 2146
Jeez they sound like a right pair of nutters. Can't advise you I;m afraid, only maybe chat to your h2bs family and see what they think. My God they sound like t1ts
marriedLife Posts: 1881
moobear Posts: 1126
Oh Qwerty1505 - I really feel for you I guess that it really is family politics. Your dammed if you do & your dammed if you dont!! I have an uncle that could fit into that category - he left my brothers wedding after the meal to go to the dogs!!! Came back a little under the weather - even left a drink with my aunt to mind when he was leaving!!!! Like WTF What I am saying is that there is someone like that in every family & for the sake of your h2b & the future the only option is to ask them. You may not want them for the sake of your FFIL. Would it be possible for FFIL to have a word with them or would that just add more fuel to the fire? Or speak to you FFIL & FMIL & express your concers. They may be the best people to advise Sorry I dont have a quick fix it answer but really it is a hard one to answer as famlies are just so hard to deal with at the best of times Best of luck with whatever decision that you make
littlemissbride Posts: 61
Hi qwerty1505, I think you have two choices really, 1. Invite them and ask some family member to keep an eye on them for the day (which would probably be hard work and unfair on them). 2. Don't invite them. I think if you don't invite them they will be annoyed, but at least you would have peace of mind for the day! Don't feel you are on your own though - i think most families have an alcholic family member which they worry about inviting to their wedding! Good luck with your choice :wv
frillynickers Posts: 1765
I know exactly where your coming from. I have an auntie like this too, my mums sister and she is a complete well knacker to be honest. Shes a heavy drinker, always "starts" on people in pubs and things, at any family event she alwasy starts a fight on her and she has a filty mouth on her too. Anyway I didnt know what to do re inviting her to the wedding so my mum said dont invite her, that was 6 months ago and since then my mam has changed her mind at least 4 times on what to do. So eventually I asked my other aunt as she got married two years ago and she said that my auntie ann really behaved herself all day and night at her wedding so we are going to invite her to the wedding now. Shes been given strict instruction not to act the arsehole because if she does she will be dragged out of the place. How have they acted at weddings in the past?
Nemo79 Posts: 932
Hi I agree with Maggie G. Not inviting them would give you peace of mind. You do not want your day ruined by their carry on. Best of luck with your decision
Dolphin Lover Posts: 303
look if your h2b's parents have said they are ok with not inviting this pair of idiots then i wouldn't invite them. you don't need the hassle and really does it matter if they don't speak to you again? you already said you never see them. however your h2b's parents will be more likely to see them, get the flack from it etc etc. so i would be guided by them. best of luck with your decision.
Childmad Posts: 85
Unless H2B [i:345leqex]really[/i:345leqex] wants them there, dont invite them! Although, they could be the type of people who think they are automatically invited! It's your wedding and you should have whomever you/H2B want there & sod everyone else!
marriedLife Posts: 1881