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Glam08 Posts: 230
Hi, I would say im in the minority, I am just wondering any b2b not living together before they marry. I myself will be only moving in together 2 months before. Just wondering anyone else like me :-8 [url=] [img:3lqkphhs];35;116/st/20080927/e/Wedding/dt/5/k/2ac9/event.png[/img:3lqkphhs] [/url]
Bee07 Posts: 628
its all in perspective - have you been going out long before you get married? myself and the boy have been dating nearly 11 years and living together nearly 9 years - OMG :eek :eek that sounds mad now that I've written it - we're 31 so we've basically been together all our adult lives - and I wouldn't change a thing Also we're from the country - we both moved out of home when we were 17/18 - people from Dublin tend to live at home with parents a lot longer - its all swings and roundabouts there's no right or wrong... wouldn't worry or compare too much
Elliecat Posts: 2725
We were going out over 7 years but I only moved in with him three months before te wedding. Up till then I worked and lived away from home, so we still spent a lot of time in eachothers houses - just didn't officially live together till then!
Mumaholic Posts: 833
Hi Glam08, Well we are in the same choice though. We're building our house at the moment. Im hoping it'll be ready by about March/April 2008 but we dont plan on moving in til after the wedding. The plan is to work away on the house and have it nicely finished in time for just after the wedding. We agreed that we might 'stay over' some nights but we wont sleep in the master bedroom til we're wed. Some people think we're mad (and sad) but i think its cool! We want to keep some age old traditions!!!!!
Glam08 Posts: 230
Hi girls, its by choice for me too. Im not sure yet if i want to move in 3 months before wedding. We are only starting our house at the moment, h2b would like us to, but it depends on house. Its just something one of my colleagues keeps saying if you want to know him go live with him. IM going out with h2b over 5 years,i think i should know all there is to know by now. my brother and sister never lived together before they married and are all happily married. I guess everyone to their own, personally think its more romantic and traditional this way. Roll on sept08 :o)ll [url=] [img:3ehc7w9r];35;116/st/20080927/e/Wedding/dt/5/k/2ac9/event.png[/img:3ehc7w9r] [/url]
Vicky1274 Posts: 181
H2B don't even live in the same country at the moment!!!! I'm finishing my degree in London and he is working in Morocco....But will be moving in together when we return to Ireland after our Moroccan service.
Mrs Malefesense Posts: 1440
I don't live with H2B either. That was my decision. He lives about an hours commute to work whereas my parents live 10 minutes. He also works shift and isn't there an awful lot so it suits me better to stay where I am until after the wedding.
graceface Posts: 3632
Me neither. I still live at home :-8 and he's in a shared house nearby. I know it's usual to live together now for quite some time before marriage, but for me anyway I think it makes it really special, to be moving in together roughly around the same time as the wedding - all the excitement! Don't worry about it pet, you're not the only one! :wv
jodub Posts: 14
We're the same too, both living at home. Building a house at the moment so hoping it will be ready for when we come home from our wedding in italy.
birthdaybride Posts: 276
Hey Guys A friend of mine did this and only lived with her husband after they were married - collection of reasons really he is from very trad country family - anyway point is that they were so excited to be living together and waking up together every day that there was no post wedding blues - the novilty of having the other person there constantly litterally didnt start to wear off until like six months later ! Is very romantic and really is something to look forward to after the whole honeymoon is over !!! BB