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shell1 Posts: 38
Hi Ladies, Im 19 weeks with my first baby and im dont feel like im really showing. I was never a really skinny girl but not fat either. I met a girl yesterday and told her i was pregnant and she asked me how far along was i and i told her 19 weeks and she said god your very small and she seemed shocked she said im im like that and im not even pregnant :o( worried me a bit like should i be massive.You can see a bumb if i wear a tight top but if i wear somthing loose i just look like i ate to much. anyone else not really showing or am i the only one :o( :lvs
Sydney Bristow Posts: 185
You sound perfectly normal to me! Some people feel that they have to comment on the size of your bump, and they think that 'oh you're so thin' is still a compliment!!! I think also, a lot of people expect that you will start out with a 9 month pregnant bump, and don't understand that it grows gradually. It won't be long until you have people telling you how massive you are and are you sure it's not twins... people love to comment!!
theoracle Posts: 7664
It is quite normal not to have a huge bump at this stage, and not all women carry the bump the same. Don't worry, the bump will be there soon enough and then you will complain about the size of it again :o0 Pay no attention to such comments, there is something about a pregnant woman that turns everybody into a bloody expert!
Bubstar Posts: 399
don't worry - I don't think I really had any bump at 20wks. Even when I was a week over due people were still telling me I was really small :eek like wtf? I think maybe they were just trying to be nice and I generally took it as a compliment!
SparkleX Posts: 1057
Why oh why do people feel like they have the right to pass comment just cause you're pregnant!!!?!! I really don't know... I wouldn't worry about it all. I was the very same until about 24/25 weeks. Over the past 4/5 weeks there has been a massive growth spurt & defo no hiding the bump now:) Don't panic, soon enough you will be waddling away too!
Bunnybaby Posts: 2701
i wouldnt worry too much once your little one has a heartbeat and doc says all is fine, well then thats the main 22 weeks and like that only this last week ive actually gotten a bump as such before this you would just think i put on a lot of weight...people dont think before they speak...once all is well thats the main thing :wv
littlemama Posts: 471
i'm the exact same, the amount of people over the w/end who told me i was very "neat" (i.e. small) was unbelievable. try not to let it worry u, there's no right or wrong bump size and like the other girls were saying so long as baba is fine that's the main thing and those passin remarks can just mind their biz!
mysteriousmise Posts: 1783
I *love* the word neat used in relation to my bump. It just sounds so tidy or something. Certainly better than the "tubby" my IL's used yesterday to describe me. I wouldn;t mind, but I'm still in my pre-pregnancy jeans, for Chrissake! Argh. People.
Girl Posts: 195
Don't worry too much about the size of your others have said it'll pop out soon enough. I'm 19wks and only have a small bump which you wouldn't notice unless I wear a tight top, so like you people tell me I've no bump!!!
mrsp2010 Posts: 1461
iv always been a bit curvy i was a 12 when i got pregnant and i have a bit of a belly but its definatley hardening at the bottom but im the same i more or less just look like iv overindulged lol im looking forward to my proper bump too well get there!! xx