Not planning to breastfeed-how do i get hospital off my back

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married wolly Posts: 120
I have the utmost admiration for women that breastfeed - and i know its better for babs etc. but i am not planning to breastfeed - lots of reasons - i wont go into i detail - but mainly I really like the idea of my hubby sharing the feeding with me - which he can do if we are bottle feeding and also - I know it shounds selfish - but i would like to have some shred of my life back after baby is born! Anyway my question is - i know the hospitals push you to breastfeed and ive heard awfull stories of nurses making mothers breastfeed and not letting them bottlefeed. I know i do not want to how do i stay strong and tell them?
mrs bmw Posts: 6447
Just be very polite but quite calm and stand your ground, its your body and you make the rules. Don't let any of them push you into doing something your not comfortable with and make sure that your wishes are noted down your notes when your admitted to hospital. Good Luck!!!
nasus Posts: 624
wheni had dd 10yrs ago they never mentioned it to me but when i was pregnant with ds 3 yrs ago they made such a fuss about it when i went for one of my visits i was called into a side room by the nurse who wanted to know why i wasnt gonna breastfeed i was morto they really made me feel like a little school girl i was really polite and told her it just wasnt for me and all was goin well till h2b who thought this was hilarious pipes up from the corner of the room(they made me sit on my own)i really think you should try and give it a go well the politness was thrown out the window i told her that i couldnt bear the thought of my baby sucking on my nipples that it really freaked me out and that it really wasnt any of her buisness and got up and stormed out needless to say it wasnt mentioned to me again and h2b got a good slap
scott Posts: 106
Hi Married Wholy I bottlefed straight from the beginning and there was no issue with the midwives TG. I had decided myself I defo was'nt going to and when DS was born they just asked how I was going to fed him and i said bottle, so they just asked what formula and that was it. Don't let them pressure you into anything, and say to them firmly what your intentions are, as last poster said , its your body. They are only doing their job where they have to promote breastfeeding but your mind is made up so don't let it worry or stress you out.
Avril Hiswife Posts: 1743
As Scott said, it is their job to encourage breast feeding but your body and your baby so you make the decisions. Just make sure it is in your notes that you don't intend to breast feed. That said, I don't understand why so many women who bottle feed would not even consider letting babs have the colostrum??
little mrs sunshine Posts: 5523
My SIL is a trained midwife and well it's their job to educate mothers on the pros of breastfeeding. If you are up front and say you don't wish to breastfeed then they understand. They are there to support you if you are and help you in getting used to it. The way she explained it to me is companies spend millions on trying to get their formula to be as good/ near to breastmilk as possible so obviously they all know breastmilk is the ideal source. That is why midwives educate mothers on it. They don't push it though.
sally Posts: 1140
This happened my cousin, she really didnt want to breastfeed and they gave her hell everytime she went in and after the baby was born and she was exhaused they baby was up on her chest and made signs of wanting to latch on and the nurses were trying to get her to do it and trying to get her husband to encourage her too which I think was out of order when she was so vunerable. I think you have to be straight and say "Im not breast feeding end of discussion" and if they come back with arguments just keep repeating yourself until they give up. Also make sure your hubby makes your wishes clear at the time of the birth too. Its your choice and if you really dont want to do it then there is no point entertaining it as its not easy (or so ive heard) and you really have to want to do it to be successful. My sister said the midwives are on commission for getting women to breast feed,..... dont know if thats true!!!
little mrs sunshine Posts: 5523
They are not on comission
Mama Dora Posts: 14987
Commission from who?I doubt that they can't get a proper wage let alone commission.... I'm not feeling the whole BF thing either its just not for me,if im asked again next Monday i think I will say a definate NO
Avril Hiswife Posts: 1743
Sally, that is a horrible and false rumour to spread >:o( The nurses and midwives [b:x1jmdsrd]know[/b:x1jmdsrd] that breastfeeding is better for mother and baby, that it reduces colic and makes babies far lest susceptible to illness. While it is easy and painless for most women, many have difficulty at the start, which can usually be resolved. For more info on health benefits and the problems women have, see here: Giving medical advice on breastfeeding is like giving advice on smoking while pregnant or drinking alcohol or foods to be avoided. The professionals are obliged to give the best scientific advice available. But at the end of the day it is the [b:x1jmdsrd]mothers[/b:x1jmdsrd] decision as to what to do. You can't blame the nurses and midwives for doing their jobs but obviously they should never harass or bully their patients!