Not Pregnant but no periods

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clumsy Posts: 661
Girls my head is wrecked, First of all I sud state that I’m on the Pill 6 yrs (Microlite).2 finished packets ago my period never arrived but I didn’t panic as I know this can happen started the next packet and I finished that packet a little bit of spotting arrived but not enough to make me feel confident about it, so took a test and it was negative. Went to the doc last night as I needed a renewal in my prescription and I told her my concerns she did another pregnancy test which was also negative. Then said this was unusual then said I’ll take a few blood samples to check if something else is going on 1 of them checking if I had a thyroid problem (which I doubt as I’m sure I’d have other symptoms) and another being to check if my hormones were ok. Now I’m worried is she checking if I’m going through the menopause never accrued to me while I was in there put now thinking about it I feel this cud be the reason. Can Any1 else enlighten me. I’m now sorry I ever went on the Pill. I never knew how f**ked it can make you. Also started a new packet last nite as my DH wasn’t around to discuss with him cud I stop it now or continue this packet. And see what happens. My test results are this day next week, I don’t think I’ll have any nails left by then.By the way I’m posting this in H&F.P&B and TCC so sorry.
Lady Di Posts: 2487
I don't really get AF's Clumsy. I went on the pill at quite a young age as back then they when they were regular they were just horrific every time. I was then on and off the pill and when off my AF's never came back properly. One or two AF's a year would have been normal for me. I have still managed to conceive three times in the last three years though! Its can be frustrating as you've no idea when you're ovulating or when to do a test, so I think if you just maintain a regular sex life and text once a month you should be OK. I think there's something a doctor can give you to bring on an AF though??
notlongtogo Posts: 5040
Clumsy i dont know im afraid i just wanted to sa sorry this is happening to you. It must be terrible to have to wait until next week but hopefully thye will get to the bottom of it soon and it wont be serious. :xxx