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Fur Posts: 131
Popped in very quickly will log on again later, If you dont return to work after maternity leave would your benefits be affected somehow(maternity benefits). My employer not paying me but dont want to put my state benefits in jeoprady, thanks xx Or what if you returned to work but a differenet job? :thnk
under construction Posts: 3458
Oh im not too sure, i got a letter from work yesterday (as they will be paying me) and it says if i do not return to work i have to pay them 100% of the pay back, if i leave within 3 months 75% and within 6 months 50%. But i wouldn't really think you would have to pay social welfare back (but perhaps im wrong), would you be covered if you went back for one week and handed in your notice?
mariac Posts: 982
no you wouldnt have to re-pay maternity benefit back , but if you did not return by choice you would not be eligable to draw your stamps etc unless your employer went along with you and said you were laid off
jellybaby Posts: 2316
No, you've already 'earned' your state benefit based on taxes you paid in previous years so you are entitled to keep that and not have to pay it back, whatever you decide. It would only be if your employer had topped you up, that you may be obliged to pay that part back. HTH
bridalnowmam Posts: 2202
My employer is topping up my maternity benefit and I would have to pay all of that back if I left the company within 6 months of returning to work Really bad i say but not much i can do about it !!!
Fur Posts: 131
thanks girls xx