Not sleeping.. a normal symptom?

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windycity Posts: 2241
Hi girls, Im almost 5 weeks and Im finding sleeping a huge problem. I didnt sleep til 11 last night even tho I went to bed @ 9 and then woke, full of beans, at 4am! Ive been awake since. I feel at my best in the morns, its from 4pm - 7 I get really really tired and feel really preg but in the morns Im buzzing! I know youre supposed to get all the sickness and symptoms in the morn so is it a bad sign Im the opposite? x
Mamabelle2011 Posts: 363
Hi, congrats on your pregnancy! I was similar to you in that i didnt sleep very well from early on. I can honestly say it didnt improve throughout the pregnancy, i woke every single night at 3 am, used to be wide awake, sometimes i even got up! My friend who is pregnanct at the moment is similar in that she goes to bed early, cant sleep, up at 6 am and then is wrote off at 2 pm. Her gp said to watch her sugar intake, not to eat too late and maybe have an afternoon snack to avoid the 2pm slump. Also, might be an idea to go for a swim or a walk in the evening time as it might make you sleep more soundly. I'm not much help sorry but dont worry its very common! Hope you feel well otherwise! :wv
windycity Posts: 2241
thanks Mamabelle xxx its good to hear its 'okay'.. Going for a swim in the evening might be a great idea! thank you. I also eat quick close to bed time. x
Mari yay Posts: 4045
Totally and completely normal. Please remember everyone is totally different in their experience of pregnancy so don't freak out if you don't have certain symptoms. I never got morning sickness, evening sickness or any sickness. But at 6 or 7 weeks I couldn't sleep, I'd go to bed wrecked and lie there for hours eventually fall asleep at 3 or 4am and I have to get up at 5.30. Also, the evenings I'd be falling asleep on the couch anytime from 7pm even if I did sleep the night before. The insomnia at night eased off but I haven't slept a full night in months, if I don't wake up to use the toilet I wake when I'm turning in bed as my hips/back is sore. If you can't sleep, get up and leave the bedroom, go read or watch tv, maybe eat something (a nutritionist told me I might be waking from hunger), then try to go back to bed again. It never really worked for me I usually had to ride out the hours but it did ease off. And remember, symptoms are different for everyone!
BusyDee Posts: 8527
Oh god the tiredness and not sleeping was the worst for me! I'll never forget it, I used to be so tired during the day coz I wasnt sleeping at night, it started very early for me aswell almost straight away when i got pregnant, so I used to only work in the mornings and would go home, have lunch and get straight into bed and would sleep for 2-3 hours! It eased off I think around 20 weeks but came back before 30 weeks again! I swear its our bodies way of preparing us for when baba arrives! Congrats :stork:
windycity Posts: 2241
thank so much Mari!! Really appreciate that. X
Makka Pakka Posts: 620
I have this and its a form of pure torture. I had nausea, no vomiting in the morning sickness area. But since the very beginning, then sleep thing has been a nightmare. I am going to try accupunture next week to see if that helps. Only thing that helps a tiny bit for me is to go for a walk after dinner. It tires you out a wee bit. :lvs :lvs
I was the same for almost the first three months of my pregnancy and it was a killer. Nothing more frustrating that being wrecked tired and not being able to sleep. I tried moving into the spare room to see if that helped and it didn't so took to the blow up bed in the living room every night. Hubby hated it that I was not sleeping with him but understood if it was the best place for me to actually get some sleep then so be it. Now normally I would never fall asleep with the t.v on - we don't have a tv in our bedroom, but sleeping on the blow up bed downstairs, I would fall asleep on front of the tele and hubby would turn it and all the lights off and leave me be. Thankfully after the 1st three months this passed and I eventually moved back upstairs. Am sure it will pass for you too. Good luck and congratualations.
windycity Posts: 2241
wow naughty, not a bad idea! I just get up and go make a cup of herbal tea and go on dailymail website and stuff for an hour. Last night I finally got to sleep at 12am then woke at 4am on the button and was awake watchin TV til DH got up for work at 7. Was still up when he left at 8.. I called in sick as theres no way I could function today and slept on and off throughout the day. Im generally just feeling flu-like symptoms... If I didnt know I was preg, I would 100% think Im getting a flu! No nausea, is it too early for that at 5 weeks tomorrow? xx
little squishy Posts: 559
Hi windycity, Congrats! I was same couldn't sleep for the first few weeks, but when I reached about 8-20 weeks I was wrecked. Slept on couch for 20min straight after work, then went for a walk/swim, then would have to go to bed at nine, would sleep for a few hours, awake at 2am for an hour and awake every other hour to pee!! But learned to live with it. Fingerscrossed you don't get any morning sickness but I didnt get any until about 8weeks and then had all day sickness until 13 weeks! Only a few weeks of it and I felt/feel great now! Try not to think whats right/wrong for you, as other posters said every pregnancy different so just try to enjoy it! :o)ll