Not sure about dress-tried on another dress today!

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marls Posts: 121
Has this happened to anyone else? I bought the first dress months ago, tried it on twice, but didn't really look too much before buying. Feel it's a bit uncomfortable and not sure about it, but could just be restlessness! Saw another dress and tried it on today and really liked it! But think I'm being mental now and just wanting something "new!" Very different dresses-both lovely too. What to do fellow indecisive brides?
rubies Posts: 1375
Show us the two dresses. Could you afford to buy another dress at this stage? Maybe you could try to sell the first dress and see if you get much interest in it. I still have doubts about my dress but am too scared to try on any other dresses now in case I found one I loved.
thebrideof2009 Posts: 1416
yea let us see two dresses maybe ya just need reasurance on the first dress youve looked at it so much
marls Posts: 121
I've actually only looked at my original dress once or twice and tried it on only twice. Here's the first one bought months ago Here's the one I have been thinking about for a while and tried on today Sorry I can't upload pics! Please don't be swayed by models-first one looks real 80's in pic!
jcc Posts: 284
The first dress is lovely. Second link isn't showing picture for me. My sister bought 2 dresses. Bought one and loved it but had always wanted something different. She then went and tried on a red dress and knew it was right and bought it. Really its up to you but if you think dress 2 is the one and you can afford it and justify it go for it. I know I would.
thebrideof2009 Posts: 1416
your second link isnt working what name n ill try find a pic
anika Posts: 2194
love the first one but i cant see the second pic.
marls Posts: 121
Hmmm I'll try the second link again It's Provonias Diamante Sorry I have no idea why I can't upload the pics I have!
14082010 Posts: 2103
Hi ye, I think the 2nd dress is lovely :lvs :lvs
rubies Posts: 1375
Stick with the first one you crazy fool! It's so much nicer and I've seen lots of brides in the second dress this year. It's lovely too but a bit too plain eventhough it has a lovely shape. Stop having doubts and go try on your dress again and remember just how beautiful it is!