Not sure about inviting younger children to the wedding

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mrslallytobe Posts: 12
I am writing up my guest list at the moment and I am not sure about inviting the younger children. It would be nice to have them there but I was just thinking it would be nice for the parents to have a day out to themselves. Then my husband to be is afraid of offending someone if we don't invite the children. It would also cut costs if we didn't invite them. Any suggestions?
ShinyBride Posts: 418
How many kids are you looking at? Are they friends' or family? You could always just invite the parents and then speak to them and say that if they want to bring the kids they can, but that you thought most people would prefer a day out on their own. I think we're just inviting the bridal party's kids, and one couple who are travelling quite a distance and their baby will only be 6 months, otherwise we'd have a creche situation on our hands.
lorrimar Posts: 837
Could you just invite nieces and nephews only? We are only having at most 6 kids for the meal (although will probably only be 3). We are inviting his nephew and 2 nieces who will be travelling for the wedding and also 3 of my cousins have young kids so they are being invited. I don't have siblings and would be very close to my cousins. Some are only bringing the kids for the ceremony and photos and then they are being collected by other family members to be brought home. I think my cousins want to be able to enjoy the day and not have to worry about looking after small kids :)
poppingcandy Posts: 593
We only had nieces and nephews at our wedding, and also we allowed one couple bring thier baby as they travelled from Australia. Nobody seemed to mind, well nothing was said to us anyway. I think once there is an obvious guideline in place people understand.
lisaew Posts: 16
we initially said we were having no children at the wedding bar the page boy and the flower girl, we can't say no to them as they are flying home from Canada but when other people found out the were asking why their kids weren't invited. So we said fine, bring ur kids, the all backed off and said no, we don't want them there. Not one person said they want to bring their kids
eleoc42 Posts: 199
You sound like you don't mind either way . .so maybe let the parents decide?? You know if you say no kids SOMEONE will always brings theirs and that just annoys the hell out of you and everyone who "wasn't allowed" bring theirs. If you're easy about it let the parents do the worrying!
sabss2014 Posts: 124
We are inviting our cousins and bridl party kids but already someone hassaid no way were going on our own. Ive two little boys, I think its nice to be given the optikn to bring them x
WeddingCreator Posts: 35
We only invited our immediate nieces and nephews (they were the page boys and flowergirls too!). Other than that the only children were one or two of my finaces cousins as he was inviting his cousins so didn't want to exclude the younger ones. We didn't invite friends' children or cousins' children or anything like that though!