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trance Posts: 3129
So this afternoon I was out walking the dog, down a quiet country lane I've walked down numerous times, at the end of the lane there's an old bungalow where a batchelor farmer lives, I've often passed the time of day with him whenever I see him out around the house 'nice weather, could be worse', 'lovely dogs, what do you feed them' mainly that type of thing. Today when I was passing I waved hello as usual and he came over and started chatting to me, he was asking me all sorts of questions, firstly about marriage and how do I find married life, had a chat about religion, farming, dogs, how is husbands family and this one and that one, then he started talking about women and I kind of started to feel the teeniest tiniest bit uncomfortable, I had my jacket tied round my waist and a tshirt on and I felt he kept looking at my chest but thought I was imagining it, then he was telling me about a woman he saw in a shop the other day and she had a low cut top on with no straps and she wasn't as big in the boob area as me and would I wear stuff like that......before I could really take it in he asked me if my husband got up in the morning would I be shy walking round this stage I'd sort of laughed everything off and said I must get back got a casserole in the oven.....he finished the conversation by saying 'so you're not going to show me your t!ts then'......Of course I should have told him off and not to talk to me (or anyone) like that but I just said 'no, why the hell would I' and walked off. So like I say, I'm not quite sure what to make of it, I'm a bit creeped out and feeling slightly, well I don't really know. I'm sort of laughing, he's a 77 year old man...but it's still creepy!! Husband isn't home yet so I haven't been able to tell anyone, hence I had to write it down here and get some wol opinions. I'm not going to do anything by the way (apart from avoid walking past his house for the forseeable future), he does have a reputation for being 'a bit odd' but I've always thought that was just the way a local community sees an elderly batchelor!!! Any thoughts would be appreciated!!
Sassypants Posts: 4461
I'm not sure what thoughts you are looking for. And I don't mean that in a rude or mean way. That would creep me out, big time. I'd definitely avoid walking down there again! *shudders* Now that I think of it, my uncle is a 65 year old bachelor who lives down a lane, I hope he doesn't carry on like that.... (I'm ringing my Mother!)
trance Posts: 3129
I dunno Sassy, just maybe people to agree with me that it's creepy, I mean it's creepy right? I'm just a bit confused I think, as to how the conversation went there, he just seemed like a nice old fella and I'm a bit cross with myself for not telling him off, I consider myself a sensible bird who's been around the block a few times, I'm not shy of telling people what I think, I was just shocked. And I think I just needed to 'put it out there' cos himself isn't home yet!!
Sassypants Posts: 4461
Totally creepy! I'd have ran, and I'm 40 weeks pregnant!
Flower Girl Posts: 1645
Ah, that's very sleazy. Not nice at all. I'd be ultra-frosty with him in future, and certainly wouldn't let him start up any chats. And if he asks, tell him you found his last conversation quite insulting.
mrswifey09 Posts: 1300
ewww thats very creapy!! I know you prob dont want to go any further with it, but would you not think about reporting it to the guards....I know he is an old man, but if he gets away with this sort of thing he might get brave and do something worse....I'm sure it would be awful to hear something on the news or in the community about him going to far with some other unfortunate walker. Even just a call to the local guards to give them the heads up about him!
winklefairy Posts: 907
Veeerrry creepy! Don't be cross with yourself for not telling him off though - we've all been in situations where you're too taken aback to react the way you'd like to. Yuck. Have a bath and a nice glass of wine, wash the grossness off and find a new place to walk the dog!
Reston Posts: 1321
OMG :eek :eek That's the creepiest thing I've heard in a long long long time. What a pervy oul fecker!
Sassypants Posts: 4461
[quote="winklefairy":24e0wwuv]Have a bath and a nice glass of wine, wash the grossness off and find a new place to walk the dog![/quote:24e0wwuv] Best advice ever - "wash the grossness off" - ha ha ha!
trance Posts: 3129
[quote="Sassypants":4snmw13j][quote="winklefairy":4snmw13j]Have a bath and a nice glass of wine, wash the grossness off and find a new place to walk the dog![/quote:4snmw13j] Best advice ever - "wash the grossness off" - ha ha ha![/quote:4snmw13j] You know that's exactly what I'm going to do, I do feel slightly mucky!! I'm not gonna go to the guards OP, it's a really quiet lane, noone really goes down there apart from his neighbours and me!!