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newtothis2008 Posts: 6
this is a bit awkward to explain but having read many topics on this forum I know ye give out good advice etc so here it goes me & my husband havent been TTC officially for close to a year now as I was getting quite down about the whole BFN thing every month and the build up and disappointment so we decided we'd take a step back and have a break and try later in the year - I am off the pill over 18mths now and my periods would be regular but I havent had a proper period in over 2 months and then in the past 3 weeks i have been having uncomfortable stomach pains not severe like period pains but similar and I am bleeding for a day maybe day and half but its not fresh blood( sorry TMI i know ) then its gone for a 3/4 days and then the bleeds starts again - am wondering if its possible that I could have been PG and unaware and have now m/c or is there another explanation - I'm so confused any help much appreciated and again sorry for TMI
flame Posts: 322
Have you done a pregnancy test??? Could you be pregnant? ~It is possible to have bleeds like that when you are pregnant, more common in the first few weeks too.
theoracle Posts: 7664
There are few possible explanations, some of them would be indication of possible health conditions, so rather than having a guess whether or not it might have been a m/c take yourself to the GP, you want to have this checked out.