Noticable hair loss

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lil lola Posts: 64
Hi there, My precious baby is now 15 weeks old and I've started to loose my hair. It's so bad at this stage that I have a noticeable receding hairline at the temples (even worse than my partners!). I'm looking for advice on a product I've discovered for hair loss, called Viviscal. Has anyone used it and found it affective. They recommend you use 3 months supply to see a change BUT for those who've seen a change at after 3 months is it not just you're own body regulating itself?? It's quite pricey and can't afford to squander this money. I would be very grateful for any feedback. My wedding is in November so desperate to get my head looking normal again ! Thanks
mumtobe Posts: 145
Hi lil lola I had the exact same problem after I had my ds, I got silica in the health food shop & took 1 every day.Thankfully it grew back but it took a few months. Hth , sorry dont know anything about Viviscal
lil lola Posts: 64
Thanks for you're advice momtobe, it all helps, I think I saw silica recommended on this forum from a posting last year (could have been you). Had that in mind but if there was something that would work faster I'd go for it.
mrsodo Posts: 1292
Hi Lil Lola, I haven't had a baby but when I went off the pill my hair got really thin. My hairdresser was quick to notice it, but she recommended I go for indian head massage. After two sessions I noticed my hair starting to get thicker again, I went a third time and that was all I needed. It might be worth a try and its really nice! Good luck :wv
stranagaone Posts: 60
Hi, I had the same problem after my first baby. At first the doc said it was common and would fix itself. After several months I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid - apparently common after having a baby so bear this in mind. Have tried nourkin, jou jokn formula (danish) and a course of iron but nothing has worked. I know what you mean about wanting something which works quickly! Get a health check first before you go spending money. Thanks to the other woolies for the other tips, i had heard massage is good for stimulating the scalp, might try it. Is the silica easy to get in health shops??
lil lola Posts: 64
Thanks for all the advice girls, really appreciate it. Have made appointment with my doctor. :wv [/img]
ledzepmad Posts: 45
pm'd you hon