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daisy201 Posts: 28
Hiya Girlies, looking for some help if you can give it ! Does anyone know when u are handing in your notice , if you are perma member of staff u have to give a month but say i handed in my notice tomorrow 29th Aug - do i have to work til 29th Sept or is it just the working days that u count ? Thanks a mill xx
clucky Posts: 26471
working days so 4 weeks tomorrow 26th september
daisy201 Posts: 28
thanks clucky thats great - jesus the sooner the better i get out of here - officially the job from hell!!!!!!!!!!!!
love struck Posts: 1125
If you are in your current job under a year you are not obliged to give 4 weeks notice.. Only one week...
Mrs Electric Posts: 1939
Really! im with new employer only 2 months and also hoping to get out ASAP, says on my contract that have to give months notice so does that still stand or would I get away with one week, it would be great if i did.
daisy201 Posts: 28
unfortunately im here over a year and have to give the full months notice , not fair !
bbbride Posts: 664
Daisey, unless your contract states otherwise, below applies. The legislation sets out the minimum periods of notice to be observed by either side on termination of employment. The amount of notice due to an employee depends on the employee’s length of service:3 Length of Service Entitlement 13 weeks to 2 years 1 week 2 years to 5 years 2 weeks 5 years to 10 years 4 weeks 10 years to 15 years 6 weeks 15 years+ 8 weeks Notice must be given directly to the employee concerned. It is not sufficient to give it to their representative, as this does not discharge the employer’s obligations under the Minimum Notice legislation.
love struck Posts: 1125
daisy201 Doesnt make a difference what your contract states (even though your hr dept will also say different). Once you are only in a company a certain amount of time. As highlighted in the earlier that is all the notice you are obliged to give..
daisy201 Posts: 28
december07, if u check in your contract it should say if there is a probabtion period usually its a 6 month prob and during that time if u hand in your notice its only a week u have to give , otherwise if after the 6 months are up and u got confirmation that your probabtion is up then u have to give the month , thats what happened to me! god it must be bad after 2 months u want to leave! although i know how u feel , the first day in this job and i should have left, would have saved myself a year of misery