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kkwedding Posts: 36
Hi Wolllies, I am a dub lady but we are having our wedding down in Athlone, so to save ourselves one less thing to do to bring the cake to the hotel the night before and risk something happening to it, I am hoping to get a local supplier in Athlone, and I have come across a supplier called Novelty Cake. Just wondering has anyone gotten their cake here? I suppose that We will be leaving it in their hands to deliver the cake the night before to the hotel, and I suppose we wont see it till the day, so not sure what to do!! Any advice or feedback would be great :heartbeat: :compress
puddin2 Posts: 1093
I'm the same day as you :) and in Athlone too! So would be interested in the replies. I am thinking of just making an appointment with a few cake people around Athlone and meeting with them to see their work and to taste. Then it will be up to them.
yumyumcake Posts: 293
Most wedding cakes aren't delivered to the hotel until the morning of the wedding, as they are set up in situ in the reception room then, and to be honest I wouldn't trust a hotel with a cake overnight as they are liable to get damaged while being stored there. There is a cake maker near Athlone who provides set up by her personally on the day, this is included in the delivery cost, which isn't much to Athlone. PM me if you'd like her contact info.
dgayson Posts: 20
I was the same, Got married in Hodson Bay. Renata in Novelty Cake was lovely to deal with though I never actually spoke to her, just emailed! The cake turned out well & tasted even better. They dont charge delivery either & are a lot more reasonable than most Dublin cakes!
fixibelle Posts: 201
I know a brilliant cakemaker in Athlone - I can PM you her details if you like? She does amazing novelty cakes, or very elegant ones - whatever you like. Her chocolate biscuit cake is also to die for :) She teaches workshops, too, so if you wanted to have a go at making your own... :)
deecooper Posts: 1
Hi I also used Renata in Novelty cakes for our wedding in Glasson this April just gone. She was fantastic. The cake tasted and looked fantastic. I would highly recommend her.