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Cloggs Posts: 104
Hello Any fellow November wives out there? Funny calling myself a wife.... Just back online since the wedding - we are heading off on honeymoon tomorrow so said I would take the chance to log back in and see whats been happening here! Hope you all had a great wedding day, ours went swimmingly and I am just so thrilled with everything. :o)ll :o)ll Will be back online after the honeymoon - off to Dubai so can't wait :o)ll
happycontent2016 Posts: 464
hey cloggs how are you. Just back from honeymoon and nothing has changed i'm back on weddings on line and DH watches tv :o0 :o0 Havent written my report yet, must get cracking on that, cant wait to see pics havent really seen many of friends/family yet. Had the best day ever on wedding day, i was on the dancefloor for the night :o)ll Went to Miami and St Lucia on hm, wow loved it :o)ll Might post the link to this thread in our OF thread so our other fellow nov wifes now can find us.
Nov Bridie 09 Posts: 967
Hey girls! Yay - another excuse to visit WOL!! I just had the most awesome day & our honeymoon in S Africa was so amazing! My report is in OF & some video footage in the Nov Brides thread. Hopefully we'll get the gang over here!
Cloggs Posts: 104
Hey girls!! I'm getting back into checking out WOL just to see whats happening! Its great to have survived it ok and come out smiling on the other side...... I'll have to get the finger out and do up my report but at the moment I'm enjoying having my life back without the wedding taking over! Sounds like you girls had amazing honeymoons too - all I can say is that I wish ours was alot longer but can't be helped!!! Still have the break at Christmas to look forward to in a few weeks. :o)ll
Mrs2babridesoon Posts: 3319
Hi Cloggs my wedding day twin, delighted with this new thread! My weather was horrendous on the day my parents house is practically on the sea in Kerry, my day started disastrously long story but my bridesmaid (who is also my 1st cousin) nan died at 5am on morning of wedding.I was very close to her and we had a very upsetting start to the day, but honestly a touch of magic happened and the day turned out just so special, the weather never relented thou! I went to Kenya on honeymoon for too weeks, which I found a little too long, I feel we rushed away after wedding. Well Congrats to all us November wives :thnk
goin-to-the-chapel Posts: 329
hi well hello WIVES haha I still cant get used to calling my other half HUSBAND haha its mad So how are we all?? I find I dont no wat to do with myself with out planning a wedding I had such a good day and with all the stress with mum she rang 2pm the day before the wedding saying she has been discharged it was brilliant news she was there for the whole day I wasnt one bit nervous the day of the wedding I think everything that went wrong went wrong before the wedding So wat are you all going to do with your dresses? I am keeping my clips to hand down but I dont think I can justify the dress sitting there
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MrsTiredbride Posts: 3397
Nov Bridie 09 Posts: 967
I was thinking about giving my dress away, but hubbie thinks it's too beautiful & wants to keep it to hand down if we have a daughter! I'm defo going to get it cleaned in the new year & then I'll see. I just don't think I can let it go just yet! I'm just looking forward to some time together over Christmas. Since we got home from honeymoon, we've been so busy - my Dad was rushed into hospital 3 days after the wedding. I wasn;t told anything while I was away so had a big shock when I got home. He was kept in for a month, so the 2 weeks after the honeymoon were spent by his bed. Thankfully he's home now & in recovery, but I;'m still up & down with meals, washing, etc. And hubbie's gran has also been in hospital for the last 3 weeks. So we've been minding his nieces to allow his aunt visit every day. I'm so glad they're both ok, but I'm exhausted!! I just really need a rest. Seriously considered taking today off work & not telling anyone! Roll on 23rd Dec & a few days hols!
ms organised Posts: 1069
Hi girls Great to see a November thread on here!!! Can't believe we're all wives now!!! O-O We're 1 month married today, I can't believe it - its gone by so quick! :o)ll How is married life treating you all??
goin-to-the-chapel Posts: 329
hi well married life is good although i do feel a bit i dunno wat to do with myself now that wat are you all doing with yourselves wen no planning wedding