November Honeymoon

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audsblonde Posts: 58
Hi Wollies Getting married this November 26th and have paid a deposit on a honeymoon to Cancun. However, Im a little apprenhensive about it now with the Zika virus. Its the not knowing how long it stays in your system Im concerned with, 3 days to 2 years?? I will be 37 getting married so dont really have a lot of time to hang around. Where are others heading on honeymoon this time of year? Has anyone else cancelled their honeymoon to Mexico?
J16 Posts: 40
There are a couple of other threads in relation to the zika. We cancelled our Mexico part of honeymoon last week, going in June and just extended the Orlando part. Practically all of the Caribbean is affected therefore I felt there wasn't much else to choose from along the same lines / price / whats included etc.
Pink bow Posts: 59
Hi, We are planning our November honeymoon at the moment, we are going to the US. NY, Vegas and perhaps Palm springs. Researching at the moment, was really put off by the zika virus thing though, I think you are better to be safe than sorry.
LadyB2016 Posts: 167
Audsblonde We are in exactly the same position and we were starting to get really anxious about this so we went to see the doctor yesterday and had a good chat about our concerns. I will be 35 at the time of travel and we plan to start trying for a family straight away. As I said to the doctor if I were 25 and planning on starting a family, I wouldn't be so worried as we still have time but I'm not. I was fortunate to get a lady doctor similar in age to myself and I felt she completely understood our concerns and where we are coming from. Her personal view was that if she was in my shoes she would not travel to Mexico or Carribbean as it was just too much of a risk. So little is known about how long the virus stays in the blood. No one really knows at this stage. At the end of the day, having a family means more to us than a fortnight in the sun. Mexico and the Caribbean aren't going anywhere and please God someday we will be in a position to travel there. We cancelled our honeymoon as of this morning. We had not yet arranged travel insurance so not sure if we can transfer the deposit paid to another destination. For us we just couldn't take the risk. If we loose our deposit then so be it. You cannot put a price on the health of your child and your own piece of mind. I would stress however that I am not a medical professional and would recommend anyone with serious concerns to speak to their doctor. Best wishes and I hope you get the advice you need to help you make your decision.