Nuchal scan

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goldielocks09 Posts: 65
Hi just wondering has anyone had this done? had not really thought if it but dr mentioned it on last visit. I am 34, 9+ weeks now so need to decide before 11 weeks. Dont really think I want it but just thought I would see if anyone else has experience. thanks
Thumbelina Posts: 2340
We had it on this pregnancy, didn't on DS as we were away during the timeframe in which you have to have it done. It's totally non-invasive, just like a normal scan. They'll measure the thickness of the skin at the back of the baby's neck & look for other markers that could indicate Down's Syndrome or other trisomies - like the presence of a nasal bone, position of the ears, formation of the skull, heart development. You'll then get some bloods taken - just from your arm and the blood test results combined with the scan results will give you a 1 in something chance of having a Down's baby or a baby with another condition such as Edward's Syndrome. Your results will be compared to what is a typical risk for your age (it's 1 in 500 for a 31 year old - me) and your doctor will then discuss them with you. If you have a very high risk there are further tests that can be done to actually determine if your baby has any of these conditions, the nuchal scan is just a risk determination, not a diagnosis. HTH x
papillon Posts: 1305
I had the First Trimester Screening done as it was something I really wanted to do. It's not routinely done but is 100% safe. The FTS is a combination of nuchal scan (as described above) and blood tests, both combined will give you what's called a risk assessment for downs and other chromosomal disorders. At 34 (like me) your risk profile is about 300:1 When I had the test done they said that my risk was now 5,900:1 That was all the reassurance I needed. If you were told that the risk was now 50:1 then you would probably want to go for amnio or CVS, which is the only definitive way to tell you whether your baby has downs/other Ch disorders. It's a personal decision, the majority of mums in ireland don't get it as far as I know. But it's routine in places like France. I think the reason it's not routine probably stems from the country's attitude to termination. Most GPS say that if you know for sure that you would do nothing if it turned about to be positive then you probably shouldn't get it.
Trillian Posts: 1685
I had it done as I'll be almost 37 when I give birth - my risk estimate came out as 500:1 and no further tests were indicated. If I were to go again I don't think I'd bother, I'd have gone through the pregnancy anyway, and in any case all it does is estimate your risk - there are other (worse) things can go wrong and the test offers no guarantees - after all I could still be that one out of the 500. The test itself as posted above is no bother, a scan around 12 weeks and a simple blood test - although I had to go three times for the scan as baby was being most uncooperative and we could not ge a clear picture! It's a choice really, a colleague went through all the tests as she was obsessed with the idea. The tests after the combination tests are unpleasant and invasive, but if you need them for peace of mind then fair enough. I'm not sure about Ireland but in Holland at least once you are 36+ the combi test is offered as standard, then if the results indicate further tests they are also offered, but ortherwise you have to pay for them privately.
fifibelle Posts: 4447
Yep I had it done. I am only 26 but my 26 yr old cousin had a downs baby a couple of years ago. I had mine done in Ultrasound Dimensions in Blackrock. :wv
papillon Posts: 1305
Mine was done in the Irish Maternal Fetal Foundation. They do the scan and bloods in the same place. I think UD send you somewhere else for the blood test. I think the Rotunda do it too.
fifibelle Posts: 4447
[quote="papillon":ypf013hs]Mine was done in the Irish Maternal Fetal Foundation. They do the scan and bloods in the same place. I think UD send you somewhere else for the blood test. I think the Rotunda do it too.[/quote:ypf013hs] Yep you are totally right Papillion, UD do not do the blood work.