Nuchal scan?

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wildflower Posts: 303
Just looking for opinions. When I went to my GP last week, she mentioned that we could have a nuchal scan done. She even gave me a letter of referral for one. DH wants is to go ahead and have one but I really don't know if we need to? DH and I are both only 31 so theoretically I suppose fairly low risk. Would be interested to hear what opinions are. The second issue here though is that DH had expressed that if the nuchal scan indicated that our baby Is high risk, he doesn't know if he would want to carry on with the pregnancy and potentially have a child with chromosomal abnormalities. The thoughts of not seeing this pregnancy through for any reason breaks my heart :o( I'd always wonder "what if our baby was perfect"...I know I'm getting ahead of myself but if we have the scan, we'll have to have had the conversation.
HappyMe Posts: 727
One piece of advice my gp gave me was to know beforehand what you would do with the results. Her thoughts were that if you get bad news, it'll be a very emotional, upsetting etc time and very difficult to make a decision. If you are reasonably certain beforehand what you do with the result, it can help. If you wont do anything with the result, will it help you to know what you will be dealing with when baby born or not. She also said it is very, very different having a diagnosis and actually having that baby in your arms when born so to think it all through. I thought it was good advice and it always stuck with me. For us we did test first time round and not on this pregnancy - very personal decision and only you and your OH can decide.