Nuchal scans and amnio tests?

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lush11 Posts: 2877
Im 32 (below the magic age of 35), im healthy, hubbie is healthy, we've absolutley no history of anything in any of our families. We had always said that we would get tests to make sure everything is ok but i REALLY dont like the risk of these tests. One in 100 is a high risk in my opinion and im not sure its worth the risk esp when they stick a HUGE needle into your womb, that cant be good. I dont really know what im asking but none of these tests actually tells you which or whether so whats the point? And if its meant to be it'll be. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
ellee Posts: 666
Hi, on a blackberry so forgive short reply. You seem a bit confused, Basically nuchal gives you a RISK number, like odds in a betting office, could 1/10, c ould be 1/5000. If u ghet a risk number u think is poor you can decide to do more invasive testing such as an amni. No risk to baby on nuchal. There is a risk on an amnio. Hth
littlemisshopeful Posts: 6101
Like ellee said the nuchal scan and blood test gives you a risk expressed as a ratio. they consider you high risk if you are 1;250. they give a result based on your background, e.g. age, history etc. Then they give you a result based on the blood test result and one on the scan and add them together for the final result. We are both over 35 so were advised to have it done by consultant. We had decided not to get amnio done if we had a high rsk result because we would be keeping baby anyway and we would rather say a few prayers than risk the amnio. Thankfully we didn't need to consider the matter further. No risk with the nuchal test. It is just a blood test and an ultrasound.
amberjack Posts: 1273
I had the nuchal test done at 11.5 weeks. Basically they do a detailed scan of the baby, measure all the bits and pieces, back of the neck etc and then take blood and measure protein levels. All this goes into a computer and they get a stastic of how likely you are to have a healthy baby etc. If you get a low ratio, you can get an amniosenthesis to be more accurate. I did it in the Rotunda and it was €250.00. I am 36 and DH is 39, we choose to do it ourselves rather than have a doctor recommend it.
ellee Posts: 666
I would also just add that I think there is more to be considered than whether you would keep the baby or not and you can end up finding out more than simply whether the baby has downs syndrome or not. I think people underestimate the impact finding out that there is any single thing wrong with your baby can have on you. If you find out early, you and the people around you will be far better prepared emotionally as well as in terms of practicalities (such as medical assistance at birth etc) for the birth and the baby. Everyone talks about how perfect a baby is, it is an incredibly difficult time when your baby is not and worse again if the prognosis is so poor that there is worry that the baby might not survive. Hopefully, NONE of this wil be relevant to you! I got a very poor nuchal result on my first baby 1/10 initially, and he turned out fine, this baby came in at 1/5000! The Coombe actually picked up the large nuchal fold measurement at the dating scan rather than our specifically seeking the test. HTH *)
lush11 Posts: 2877
Thanks, that helps just hope everything is fine. x