Numb leg? Any advice

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Jenny1 Posts: 98
Hey Girls!! I'm 9 weeks today!! :o)ll :o)ll But for the last two days my right leg has been numb with pins and needles, its just really my thigh area, its worse at night, quite painful last night, hard to get to sleep! but is still there through the day! Just wondering if anyone else had this or something similar? It might not even be pregnancy related, just wondering if anyone has any advice or should I call the Dr.? Cheers Jen *)
mad woman Posts: 22106
call the doc hun, better to be safe than sorry.
Mama Dora Posts: 14987
Get it checked
Jenny1 Posts: 98
Cheers Girls I called my friend who is a nurse who said it sounded like a trapped nerve! She gave me a few excercises to do which help a bit, but I have an appt with my gynae on Thurs so she said if it was still sore to mention it to him, it may need physio! she said it was probably from sitting crossed legged on the couch!! I'll have to find a more comfortable way to sit! Jen *)