Numb leg? Any advice

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Jenny1 Posts: 98
Hey Girls!! I'm 9 weeks today!! :o)ll :o)ll But for the last two days my right leg has been numb with pins and needles, its just really my thigh area, its worse at night, quite painful last night, hard to get to sleep! but is still there through the day! Just wondering if anyone else had this or something similar? It might not even be pregnancy related, just wondering if anyone has any advice or should I call the Dr.? Cheers Jen *)
arib Posts: 499
Visit your doctor in case it's a clot.
Miss X Posts: 1415
Its worth mentioning to your Doc, I had numbness and pins & needles but it was from 16wks on, I stupidly said nothing until it had gotten worse (a few mths) and then had pain sitting/standing, turned out it was SPD. I'm not sure how early this can occur, but if it is SPD the earlier you catch it the better and physio should sort it out. In my case the Physio did help but as I'd let it get so bad it couldn't cure me fully. SPD is basically where your pelvis is seperating or out of line, in my case one side was lower than the other.