Numb patch on right hand

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Grunge Bride Posts: 2529
Hi girls Has anyone had this during pregnancy? I found within the last few weeks that if I stretched my right hand I got a little catching feeling between the little finger & ring finger. Yesterday I noticed that there's a patch around & below the gap between those two fingers that is quite numb - I can feel it if I touch / scratch the area, but not properly. I googled it and got stuff about carpal tunnel syndrome, but you can never tell with google whether you're overdiagnosing or not, so just wondered if anyone here has experienced it....not due to see consultant for another couple of weeks and only saw doc last week, so I'm wondering is it really necessary to ring the hospital and ask them about it, or is this just normal?
cbtb Posts: 413
I have carpel tunnel syndrome and it affects my wrist, thumb and the two fingers beside it. Its like a combination of pins and needles and numbness. I mentioned it to the mid-wife at hospital appt and she arranged for me to go to the physio who gave me splints to wear on both my hands. I would mention it to the doctor/mid-wife on your next visit.